Snow Plowing and Snow Blowing Services

Homeowners throughout Canada know that ice and snow will wreak havoc on a house if not properly removed throughout the winter months. The Grounds Guys will provide snow removal services to keep your home safe and your lawn beautiful in winter and the following seasons. We also offer snow blowing service and snow shoveling service to keep walkways, decks, and patios clear of snow and ice.

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Grounds Guys service professional shoveling snow in front of apartment building.

Residential Snow Removal

We begin snow removal with an initial evaluation. We will come to your home to identify any curbs, lawn features, and other obstacles that may be hidden under snowfall. We’ll mark these locations to ensure the plow won’t destroy your landscape features.

Once we are ready to perform snow removal services, you can expect:

  • Ongoing weather monitoring — We are constantly monitoring meteorological data in your area so we can anticipate when you’ll need snow removal service.
  • Equipment & staff on standby — We make sure we are ready to go if you require any snow removal, snow blowing or snow shoveling services from our team.
  • Calibration of snow removal equipment — We regularly calibrate our equipment by monitoring dew points and temperature of the asphalt surrounding your area. This helps us avoid over-salting and operate efficiently.
  • Equipment monitoring with GPS tracking — We take snow removal seriously, which is why we use GPS to track all our equipment and make sure the job is being done, and done well.

Snow Removal and Snow Blowing Service You Can Depend On

If you are looking for residential snow removal, The Grounds Guys is here to deliver. We know how hard it is to keep up with snow removal during these colder months. The good news is that our team is here to provide the professional snow shoveling, snow plowing, and snow blowing services you need!

Snow Clearing

The accumulation of snow can also cause a potentially hazardous situation for anyone trying to access your home. Addressing the accumulation of snow can help reduce the risk of injury and improve access.

Snow Plowing

Do you have a long and/or wide driveway? If so, our Residential Snow Plowing service may be right for your home. Our teams safely plow your driveway with a truck or utility terrain vehicle to ensure safety and avoid damage to your home and landscape.

Ice Melting

Entrust The Grounds Guys for residential ice melting services. Our crews carefully monitor weather conditions and can apply an anti-icing chemical before, during, and after a winter storm to effectively prevent ice from bonding with the surface in areas where people walk.

Salting and Sanding

The Grounds Guys can help reduce the risk of an accident on your property during winter weather. Our salt and sanding services can help make the exterior of your home safe throughout the winter.

Snow Relocation and Hauling

Do you have excess snow buildup around your home? As the season progresses, you may find heavy snow accumulation after it’s been cleared and plowed. You need Snow Relocation or Snow Hauling services.

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