Commercial Sod Installation Service

Are you ready to upgrade your commercial property's lawn? You can get a beautiful-looking lawn with expert commercial sod installation service from The Grounds Guys!

Our commercial sod installers have the experience and knowledge needed to give your lawn the head start it needs to flourish. It's a wise investment that can make your business look more inviting to clients and customers.

Benefits of Choosing Sod

  • A quicker way to establish a lush, green lawn on your property.
  • Helps compliment your other landscaping.
  • Is attractive to potential customers and clients.
  • Reduces air pollution by absorbing car emissions.
  • Helps control soil erosion and traps dust
  • Helps decrease outside noise by 8 to 10 decibels

Commercial Sod Installation Service You Can Trust

There are many variables to a successful sod installation. Choosing the right sod, prepping the soil, and proper lawn maintenance is essential to success. Our team of sod installation experts will choose the right sod for you, prep the soil, and ensure your sod gets what it needs to give your commercial property a fresh look!

We know that sod installation is an investment in your business. To ensure your investment pays off, hiring a commercial sod company that knows how to install a sod lawn correctly is essential.

Our commercial sod installers will keep you informed throughout the process. To ensure your new sod grows into a healthy, green lawn, your property will need to be prepared for sod installation, which includes:

  • Removing weeds from the sod area.
  • Removing old grass or turf.
  • If necessary, we'll amend the soil.
  • Grade the soil to make it level and ensure proper drainage.
  • Install the sod according to industry best practices.
  • Set up an irrigation system or sprinklers to ensure the sod receives sufficient water.

When Is the Best Time to Install Sod?

In addition to soil preparation and professional installation, timing the installation of your sod is critical to success. Improper care and maintenance can be a disaster for fresh sod and quickly ruin your investment. The Grounds Guys commercial sod installers can lay sod anytime during the growing season in your area. However, the maintenance routine required for new sod differs from a regular lawn based on where you live. You can prevent sod failure by adding our commercial lawn maintenance services to your landscape budget. This way, we can ensure your new sod is established and maintained properly to provide your business with a fabulous looking lawn for many years to come.

Why Hire a Professional to Install Sod?

Sodding a commercial lawn is a time-consuming, labour-intensive task. Hiring local experts like us is a great way to get that lush, green lawn you want for your business. Here are some more reasons why hiring a professional commercial sod company like The Grounds Guys is a good investment:

  • Our experts know how to prepare the soil for sodding properly.
  • Sod is fresh, so timing is critical. We have the proper tools and equipment to sod a lawn quickly so that it doesn't end up dry.
  • Saves you the hassle, time, labour, and money it takes to rent or buy the equipment and tools required to sod properly.
  • We ensure the job gets done right the first time and have the expertise required to maintain your beautiful lawn year-round.

Professional Commercial Sod Company Near Me

Ready to transform the look of your commercial property with a new and vibrant lawn? Our team can help upgrade the look of your business quickly with new sod installation, which can help you attract more clients and customers. Don’t wait any longer. Ask about our commercial sod installation service. We're here, ready to help! Request your free job estimate today to get started.

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