Residential Sod Installation

Growing a lawn from grass seed takes patience, effort, and the right weather conditions. Why not get a great-looking lawn now with sod installation from The Grounds Guys®? Our expert sod installers have years of experience nurturing gorgeous, healthy lawns for Canadian homeowners. For sod installation near you, look no further than The Grounds Guys.

Why Choose The Ground Guys for Sod Installation?

If you want a gorgeous, lush lawn as fast as possible, sod installation from The Grounds Guys is usually your best option. Our sod comes in large rolls of existing, healthy grass with well-established roots attached. First, we’ll make sure the ground is prepared and contains the right amount of nutrients. Then the sod is unrolled and installed by our experienced team of sod installers. We’ll ensure the sod is correctly maintained so it takes root and begins growing healthy and strong. You can then enjoy a brand-new, lush, beautiful lawn.

Sod is an excellent choice for homeowners who have the following situation:

  • A newly built home with no existing lawn.
  • A lawn that is bare or thin
  • A lawn that has been overrun by pests or weeds.
  • A lawn that is dying or struggling due to disease.
  • You don’t want to wait to grow a new lawn from seed.

What Is Our Sod Installation Process?

Our sod installation starts with good preparation. We begin by measuring your lawn to ensure we order the right amount of sod. We’ll also work with you to determine the best grass variety for your geography, climate, and region in Canada, and also take into account your personal preference.

We don’t recommend laying sod over existing growth, so we’ll need to remove any existing plant life. We’ll then prep your soil to ensure your sod has the best chance of survival. This includes testing your soil pH, tilling the soil, and adding fertilizer as necessary.

On installation day, we’ll lay out the strips or slabs of sod in straight, even rows that are tightly fit together. We’ll even out any wrinkles so your new lawn looks smooth and beautiful. After the main installation is complete, we’ll trim and fix any small gaps or abnormalities. We’ll then water the sod to help it start growing strong. Finally, we’ll press down the sod to help the grass roots reach the soil.

After installation, our crews will continue to monitor and maintain your sod to make sure that it remains healthy and continues to thrive.

Common Sod Problems

If you are going to invest in sod installation, it’s important to recognize some of the most common sod problems homeowners in Canada face.

Floating Sod

If your sod wasn’t pressed down into the soil properly when it was installed, the shallow roots might not be able to reach the soil. As a result, the health of your sod will suffer. This is another reason why professional sod installation is important. Our sod installation includes watering your sod and rolling it to ensure a strong root connection.

Too Little Watering

After the initial installation, it’s critical to thoroughly water the sod to ensure healthy growth. Too little water can cause sod to become dormant. Newly installed sod needs water every day in the first week after planting. We make sure your new sod is properly hydrated the first week of installation, and beyond.

Aggressive Mowing

Once your sod is installed, it needs to absorb lots of sunlight to build up immunity to diseases and stay strong. If you mow your sod too low after initial installation, it could negatively affect its ability to absorb enough sunlight. After the initial installation, we monitor the growth and height of your sod to ensure it is cut to a height that encourages healthy growth.

Is It Possible to Lay Sod Over My Existing Grass?

Technically, sod can be installed over an existing lawn. However, it’s not recommended. When sod is laid over existing grass, it can damage both the existing lawn and the new sod because the sod roots will have a difficult time reaching the soil. Our local lawn care experts have the experience and knowledge required to help you grow a beautiful, healthy lawn you can enjoy for years!

Sod Lawn Installation

Installing sod successfully requires more than just a little elbow grease. It takes experience and know-how to get the job done right. Removing existing debris and grass, preparing the soil, and ensuring the ground is level is all part of successful installation. When you hire The Grounds Guys for professional sod installation, you can be confident that we understand the many variables that can affect the outcome of developing a healthy, green lawn. Here are some of the steps our expert sod installers take to ensure your sod installation is a success:

  • Remove old grass and weeds in the soil.
  • Amend the soil if necessary.
  • Grade the soil so it’s level and drains well.
  • Install the sod with industry best practices.
  • Set up irrigation or sprinklers to ensure the sod receives plenty of water.

How Long Is the Sod Installation Process?

Of course, before our expert sod installers can begin the job, they need to prepare the area for sod installation. Once we’ve prepped the area, several factors will determine the time it takes to complete the installation. The size of the area being sodded, the number of hard-to-access areas, and the amount of cutting required can affect completion time. Because yard sizes vary, the time it takes for complete sod installation will vary too.

If your landscape has challenging terrain, such as sloping or uneven ground, this can add installation time. The Grounds Guys are expert sod installers and know how to lay sod correctly on even the most challenging landscapes. We use the best sod installation methods and techniques to avoid disrupting your garden and other features in your yard.

Fresh Sod Care

Fresh sod requires a different maintenance routine than a regular lawn. Avoid the temptation to put perfect mow lines or have a picnic on your newly installed lawn. Following these sod care tips will help ensure your new sod takes root and grows into a healthy, thriving lawn:

  • First Week
    • Avoid overwatering, but never allow the sod to dry out. Water the sod three to four times a day for five to ten minutes (depending on weather conditions).
    • Avoid watering the sod in the evening since this can encourage fungus growth.
    • Avoid excessive foot traffic (including pets) on your new lawn for at least the first two weeks.
    • Try to keep pets, especially dogs, from urinating on your new sod.
  • Second Week
    • Water the lawn for 30 minutes every day. Do it twice a day if necessary (depending on weather conditions).
    • Keep foot traffic to a minimum.
    • Try to keep pets, especially dogs, from urinating on your new sod.
  • Third Week and Beyond
    • After three weeks, you can mow your new lawn. Keep the mower deck high, and never mow more than 1/3 the length of the grass blades.
    • Fertilize your new sod six weeks after installation.

The Cost of Sod Installation

Sod is an investment, and your sod installation cost will depend on a variety of factors. While it’s possible to install sod on your own, it does require a significant amount of time and effort to get the job done right. In addition, depending on the size of the area you’re sodding, specific equipment may also be needed. For these reasons, it may ultimately be less expensive to hire an experienced lawn care professional like The Grounds Guys to get it all done for you.

Installing sod takes a lot of energy, effort, and know-how. Large rolls of sod are heavy and cumbersome. You’ll need the right tools to install sod, such as an aerator, wheelbarrow, sod cutter, and lawn roller. If you don’t have all these tools, you’ll need to rent or buy them.

Why deal with the hassle? The Grounds Guys have the experience and all the right tools to make your sod installation project go smoothly from start to finish.

Some of the factors that impact sod installation cost are the size of the area you want to cover, and ground preparation requirements. In addition, the type of sod you want and whether you need to have an irrigation system installed or upgraded will also determine the cost of installation.

If your yard has built-in landscape or hardscape features such as raised gardens, decorative boulders, or waterfalls, these features can also affect the cost. Regardless of your property's unique challenges, rest assured that our expert sod installers can get the job done right the first time.

Sod installation is an investment for homeowners, so if installation fails, it can be costly. Proper care and maintenance is essential to ensure new sod takes root and continues to grow strong. Once your sod is installed, The Grounds Guys can provide lawn maintenance services to ensure the sod remains a healthy, thriving lawn that you can enjoy for years to come.

Why Choose The Grounds Guys for Sod Installation?

Whether your yard is more like a patch of dirt or you just want a healthier, more vibrant lawn, The Grounds Guys can help transform your property into something beautiful with our sod installation service. Here are a few more reasons why The Grounds Guys is your best choice for professional sod installation:

  • We have an experienced team of courteous, professional sod installers.
  • We only install high-quality sod.
  • We provide timely responses to your questions, guaranteed.
  • We use safe, reliable equipment that is always well-maintained.
  • We always cleanup after every job, so you’ll never be left with a mess.
  • All our work is backed by the Neighbourly Done Right Promise™. (We’ll get the job done right, guaranteed!)

For high-quality sod installation near you, contact The Grounds Guys team. We’ll deliver the amazing lush, green lawn you’ve always wanted. You can also give us a call to discuss the lawn of your dreams and get a free estimate.

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