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Commercial Lawn Aeration Service

As the season’s change, so does the look of your lawn. It's not just the changing seasons that can take their toll on your lawn — heavy foot traffic on your lawn can lead to soil compaction. The more people walk on the lawn, the more compacted the soil becomes, which can lead to turf thinning and make it difficult for plants and grass to grow. Fortunately, lawn aeration can help!

Aeration is beneficial for lawns that undergo a lot of foot traffic. Core aeration is an essential preventative maintenance practice for thatch control and lawn growth. Regular core aeration reduces soil compaction and improves air movement into soils, which increases the microbial activity and breakdown of thatch.

The Grounds Guys provide commercial lawn aeration service to keep your lawn looking healthy.

Is Our Commercial Lawn Aeration Service Worth It?

You may have asked yourself if you need to add this step to your commercial lawn maintenance routine. We've included some benefits to help you understand why it's a worthy investment for your business.

Benefits of Commercial Lawn Aeration Service

  • Encourages healthier and more durable grass roots.

  • Allows water and air to flow to the soil and roots.

  • Helps break up dense and highly compressed soil.

  • Enables better fertilization.

  • Prevents mushroom growth.

  • Improves insect resistance.

  • Improves drought resistance.

  • Encourages new growth.

  • Helps control thatch.

  • Helps the roots receive the nourishing and sustaining nutrients they need.

  • Regular aeration keeps grass healthy and disease-free.

Lawn aeration can be tedious and time-consuming. To achieve the desired results it requires heavy commercial lawn aerator service equipment and expertise to operate. Our professionals have the best techniques and know how to operate the equipment to ensure that lawn aeration is done efficiently and properly the first time.

When to Aerate Lawn

The type of grass in your lawn determines the best time to aerate. It's also a good idea to aerate when the grass is active and growing. In general, spring and fall are the best times to aerate because of the increased soil moisture and better tolerance to the practice of aeration.

How Frequently Should I Aerate?

We recommend that commercial property owners aerate lawns once or twice a year, depending on the soil, grass type, and amount of foot traffic on your lawn . For instance, if foot traffic on your lawn is generally heavy, you should aerate twice a year. If the lawn on your commercial property is well-established and has minimal foot traffic, aerating once a year should suffice. Commercial lawn aeration should be a regular part of your Fall or Spring cleanup.

Types of Commercial Lawn Aerator Service Tools

Core or plug aerators: The Grounds Guys use these commercial lawn aerator service tools to perforate the grass. They take a soil core plug from the ground up. They effectively remove soil compaction, even if your commercial property landscape has clay soil.

Professional Commercial Lawn Aeration Service Near Me

Let The Grounds Guys help you keep your commercial property looking neat and appealing to clients and customers. You can click here to find a commercial lawn aeration service near me. We offer free estimates!
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