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Landscaping for Your Indoor Commercial Property

Commercial buildings, from retail locations to office plazas, include some form of interior landscaping. This includes planters with dozens of flowers, indoor trees, fern pots, or central garden areas. These pieces provide a beautiful change of scenery, adding an element of vitality and life to what are traditionally very industrial, inorganic settings.

Interiorscaping offers property managers a way to beautify their properties and indoor spaces. Lobby areas, central walkways, and major areas of traffic within buildings and plazas can often look harsh or uninviting without the right organic elements. That’s why hotels, malls, and other customer-oriented spaces feature elements of indoor landscaping—they make the space look and feel better. The softness of trees, flowers, and leaves contrasts with the tile and granite of commercial interior design.

Even more importantly, plants produce oxygen and provide a natural and pleasing fragrance that air fresheners or candles cannot match. They improve air quality and morale, and give employees and clients alike a way to enjoy the outdoors while within the walls of their workplaces. In other words—interiorscaping is a cost-effective and high-value service our landscapers provide.

Why Hire Professional Landscapers?

The Grounds Guys are nationally-recognized landscaping experts, experienced in handling all types of decorative plant life. Our grounds care professionals are trained in science-based horticulture that translates into healthier, more vibrant plant life for your interior space. All of our practices are environmentally-friendly and designed for long-term viability.

The limited space of your planters and indoor gardens means you need a true professional, someone who understands precisely what plants will require to thrive in your indoor environment. Sunlight, air quality, and indoor temperature are all factors that will affect your interiorscape. Handling your plants requires attention to detail, quick-responses, and passion for the work—all things that The Grounds Guys stands for with every job we complete. No matter how big or small the job is, we're ready to tackle it.

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