Commercial Seasonal Cleanups

Whether you own a golf course, an office building, or an apartment complex, your customers expect the grounds to look beautiful and remain healthy. It’s all part of what they pay for. So, investing in landscape upkeep is essential for your commercial property. One of the most important parts of ongoing landscape maintenance is performing seasonal cleanups.

The Grounds Guys® offers seasonal yard cleanups on properties of every size and complexity throughout Canada. Learn more by requesting a free quote today.

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Importance of Seasonal Cleanup

If you are a property manager and a tenant moves out, you don’t just rent out the open apartment “as is.” Instead, you might touch up the paint, fix the squeaky door, and give the apartment a deep clean before putting it back on the market.

A seasonal cleanup follows a similar pattern. It involves cleaning a landscape at the end of one season and preparing it for the upcoming season. This process is important to maintain the appearance of large commercial properties. We generally recommend four seasonal cleanups a year, one for each season. At a minimum, we encourage our clients to consider a spring cleanup and a fall cleanup.

What’s Included in a Seasonal Cleanup?

The specific tasks in a seasonal cleanup will vary depending on the season and the individual condition and makeup of the property. For example, properties with expansive gardens will need certain services that properties without gardens won’t.

While every seasonal service package will look different, common tasks include:

What Are the Benefits of Seasonal Cleanups?

Like fixing up a recently vacated apartment, our seasonal yard cleanups make your property look better and help maintain the health of plants, trees, grass, and the surrounding landscaping, which will lead to greater customer and tenant satisfaction. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect from adding regular seasonal cleanups to your landscaping routine.

Improved Health of Your Property

We rake dead leaves, getting rid of invasive weeds, and putting down moisture-trapping mulch to improve the health of your turf, garden, and trees. Healthy grounds can better resist hot weather in the summer and cold weather in the late fall and early spring. It can also stand up better to foot traffic, resist disease, and recover more quickly from the winter.

Better Curb Appeal

A healthy landscape is also a more beautiful landscape. We prune garden plants and trim dead tree branches to make your plants and trees look better and to stimulate new growth. We also aerate and fertilize the grounds to keep grass looking thick and green. Edging is also a great way to distinguish the different aspects of your property, clearly dividing gardens, trees, and other unique areas.

The result of consistent seasonal cleanups is a better-looking property that your customers and tenants will enjoy seeing and using. Curb appeal is so important to making a good first impression!

Better Use

Our seasonal cleanup services will also increase use of your commercial property. A well-maintained landscape will invite your customers to use your grounds, making your landscape a valuable part of your property. Tenants will enjoy spending time outside. A stroll through a healthy, thriving garden can be enjoyed and appreciated. You may even find golf memberships increasing when your course becomes known for its well-maintained appearance.

Money Saved

It’s always better to prevent a problem than to have to fix it later. One of the important benefits of our seasonal cleanup is that it helps prepare your grounds for the challenges of the next season.

When your turf is healthy, it’s better able to resist diseases and pests. Aeration, fertilization, raking, and debris removal can keep your grass thick, so you don’t have to replace dead or bald areas with sod. We know that it’s better to maintain a lawn than to have to re-do an entire landscape after the turf dies, pests destroy a garden, or disease damages all the trees.

Because Canada is so vast and climates across the country differ greatly throughout the year, there is no single date that is the perfect time for a seasonal yard cleanup for every region. Instead, the best time for a cleanup is when seasonal changes begin in your region. Our local experts understand regional changes and time seasonal cleanups accordingly.

When to Perform a Spring Cleanup

Snow and frost can kill germinating seeds and wash away fertilizer compounds. So, we time our spring cleanup after the last snow or frost of the season has fully melted. In many parts of the country, this is usually sometime in March. In colder areas of Canada, we may need to wait longer before initiating a spring cleanup.

When to Perform a Fall Cleanup

We typically perform our fall cleanups before the first major frost or snowfall hits. Once there is a layer of leaves on the ground, we perform a thorough raking as part of our seasonal cleanup. Warmer areas of the country may be able to wait until early November to perform such a cleanup, while cooler areas may need to start in September.

Check with Your Landscaping Company

Your landscaping company should be familiar with the climate in your area, and can recommend the best time to start. They will also understand the local weather patterns and how this can affect timing when it comes to scheduling a cleanup. They can give you a much more precise idea of when to perform each of the seasonal cleanups for your property. Choosing the right date can help make the entire process more effective.

The Benefits of Hiring The Grounds Guys

Most commercial property owners don’t have the time, tools, or resources to manage their own landscaping. Utilizing professional landscape services and seasonal cleanup from The Grounds Guys allows business and commercial property owners time to focus on their customers, tenants, and other aspects of their commercial space.

Customized Seasonal Cleanup Solutions

We know every commercial property has unique requirements, which is why we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions. We evaluate your property, understand its challenges and unique needs, and combine this with your landscaping goals to develop a personalized seasonal cleanup plan that fits your needs and budget. We offer both one-off cleanups and recurring landscape maintenance services.

Eco-Friendly Yard Waste Removal

Our goal is to be as sustainable as possible with the equipment and landscape solutions we offer our clients. This includes making good use of yard waste, like leaves, dead trees, old mulch, and thatch. Whenever possible, we compost this organic matter so that it can be used to help support other plant life.

Efficient Team and Advanced Equipment

We have experienced teams throughout Canada that understand the climate and soil of their particular region. They bring their knowledge and local expertise to every job, so you can be sure that your service will be tailored to your landscape’s specific needs.

We also ensure that we invest in the best eco-friendly equipment and keep it well-maintained. This helps us complete jobs efficiently and with minimal waste.

Our commitment to providing excellent service means all of our work is backed by the Neighbourly Done Right Promise™, which ensures your satisfaction.

Affordable Rates

While providing excellent service and using top-of-the-line materials and equipment, we do our best to offer competitive rates for all our services, including seasonal yard cleanups. We know that commercial property owners need to keep an eye on the bottom line, so we will always provide fair and transparent pricing.

If you’re ready to bring on trustworthy landscaping experts who will prepare your lawn for every season, contact The Grounds Guys nearest you and request a free estimate today!

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