Commercial Tree Care & Maintenance

High-Quality Landscape Work from Lawn Care Specialists

Trees are an important part of any landscape. They are beautiful, a major part of the local ecosystem, and take decades to mature. They’re also notoriously difficult and expensive to replace. As such, they are a valuable part of your business’ appearance, so hire top-notch specialists to care for your trees.

The Grounds Guys are internationally-recognized authorities in the field of landscaping, lawn care, and garden bed maintenance. Our commercial clients include schools, hospitals, banks, and hotels—all locations who recognize the value of curb appeal. We provide science-based, world-class service that ensures your property looks vibrant, clean, and beautiful at all times.

Maintain the Health & Vitality of Your Trees!

Our tree maintenance work program includes the following services:

  • Insect Control — We protect your tree from dangerous pests and parasites.
  • Trunk Health — We protect the colour and strength of tree trunks through precise injection treatments.
  • Horticultural Oil — We protect trees from the strongest late-season insects.
  • Growth Protection — We ensure young trees growth healthy, strong, and vibrantly.
  • Tree Health Evaluation — We conduct check-ups to keep track of tree health

Each client has different needs, so we tailor our approach according to your specific needs. No matter what, our teams wear professional uniforms, operate clean, branded vehicles, and provide timely and reliable service to your commercial location. Our scientifically-structured approach to landscaping and tree work has made us the most trusted name in commercial grounds care services.

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