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  • Backyard with artificial turf

    How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost in Canada?

    If you’re tired of mowing, fertilizing, and using precious resources like water to keep your grass looking lush and green, ...

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  • Dog running with a ball in residential yard

    Dog Friendly Landscaping

    You know what they say: "Happy dog, happy life." And while your dog may find great pleasure in tearing up your backyard plants and ...

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  • Grass seed growing

    How to Grow Grass from Seed

    Whether you’re looking to revive a thin or spotty lawn, or create more green space on your property, seeding a lawn is an ...

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  • Tree bed with mulch and plants

    Don't Kill Your Trees: Tips for Mulching Them the Right Way

    Learning how to mulch around trees can keep them healthy and help the rest of your landscaping to thrive. After all, nobody wants ...

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