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  • Overhead view of person wearing green rubber gloves and holding a handful of white pellet lawn fertilizer

    Is Lawn Fertilizer Safe?

    Having a beautifully landscaped yard requires considerable care and attention. In addition, a lawn requires regular fertilizer ...

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  • Outdoor patio area of a residential home with a pergola, table, and chairs.

    How to Shade Your Backyard Shade Without Using Trees

    Not everyone has beautiful tall shade trees in their backyard. Planting young trees is fantastic, but big shade trees take decades ...

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  • Person wearing garden gloves adding mulch to a flower bed.

    Best Practices for Adding and Replacing Mulch

    Unfortunately, mulch is not made to last indefinitely. Sun, snow, and rain will eventually break it down. If you haven’t done so ...

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  • Shady corner of garden with containers full of colourful flowers.

    Shade Loving Flowers Your Yard Will Love

    As spring starts warming the world from winter, it’s natural to look for ways to add a pop of colour to your yard. You may even ...

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