Commercial Lawn Top Dressing Services

Business owners know that commercial sites with attractive lawns are more inviting for clients and customers. But over time, weeds, fungus, heavy foot traffic, and other factors can turn a once beautiful property into an unsightly mess.

Fortunately, our landscaping experts can help improve your lawn. The Grounds Guys offer commercial lawn top dressing services to revive your lawn and restore its lush, green appearance. You can combine these services with your existing commercial lawn maintenance plan to maintain your property’s professional look. You can trust our commercial lawn top dressing specialists to get the job done right the first time.

Commercial Lawn Top Dressing Benefits

  • Helps reduce the amount of chemicals and fertilizers applied to the lawn.
  • Provides a lawn with much-needed organic nutrients.
  • Helps aerate compacted soils.
  • Introduces compost microbes that digest thatch.
  • Releases nutrients in compost slowly over a long period, with minimal nutrient leaching.
  • Improves lawn drainage.
  • A great way to level a lawn and smooth out bumpy areas.
  • Improves drought-tolerance of turf grass.
  • Helps create thicker, healthier strands of grass.

Benefits of Organic Matter

Commercial lawn top dressing is beneficial because, over time, it helps to improve the soil quality. We recommend incorporating an organic fertilizer program to maintain a healthy lawn. The process helps break down organic matter and allows it to filter through the soil, which improves the overall health and texture of your lawn.

When to Start Top Dressing

Our landscaping experts recommend performing commercial lawn top dressing in the spring and fall when the lawn is actively growing.

Reasons to Hire a Professional for Commercial Lawn Top Dressing Services

Lawn top dressing a commercial property is labour intensive and requires a lot of time. Breaking up the thatch layer also requires proper tools and techniques in order to do the job right. Therefore, commercial lawn top dressing cost can vary based on several factors. Many homeowners use our commercial lawn top dressing service because we always use advanced equipment and sharpen them daily. Here are some additional reasons why many homeowners choose The Grounds Guys for all their lawn care needs:

  • Our customers always come first.
  • Guaranteed fast response time.
  • We offer competitive commercial lawn top dressing costs.
  • Our trained landscaping experts have the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time.
  • We deliver status and quality reports promptly.
  • We use safe, reliable equipment that is maintained daily.
  • We clean up and always leave your property looking better than before.

Professional Commercial Lawn Top Dressing Services Near Me

You can have confidence in The Grounds Guys commercial lawn top dressing services and top-quality commercial landscaping and lawn care services. us. We strive to keep your property looking its best all year.

To learn more about our lawn top dressing services, request a free job estimate today.
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