Commercial Snow Clearing

Winter weather can often result in the accumulate of snow on walkways, handicap ramps, a driveway, deck, and/or patio that limits access to your business. The accumulation of snow can also cause a potentially hazardous situation for anyone trying to access these areas. Addressing the accumulation of snow quickly can help reduce the risk of injury, improve access, and keep your business up and running.

To clear these areas and keep them accessible after winter weather, entrust The Grounds Guys for commercial snow clearing services. Our crews carefully monitor weather conditions and can clear snow from the areas around your business after a winter storm.

Initial Evaluation

We start your snow clearing service prior to the arrival of a storm. We come to your business in advance to identify the areas where snow may accumulation and create a hazardous situation. We determine where the snow will be placed when it is removed so as not to block driveways, walkways, doorways, etc. This ensures that your employees, and customers are able to move freely around your business, and the exterior of your property is maintained.

Maintaining a Safe Environment

We start with the safety of your employees and customers. We consider how they will navigate your business by both car and foot. We also evaluate exterior areas that are accessible such as a loading dock, parking lot, and/or patio. To ensure a safe environment we perform the following:

  • Keep entrances, walking paths, common areas and driving lanes clear of snow
  • Make sure snow that does accumulates in high traffic areas is cleared promptly
  • Place snow away from high traffic areas to keep your business accessible in cold weather

The Snow Clearing Processs

We utilize shovels, snow blowers, and sometimes UTVs to clear snow from high traffic areas around your business. We take special care when removing snow to avoid damaging trees, plants and surfaces made of brick, pavers, stamped concrete, and natural stone. When clearing snow, we use our initial assessment to place snow in predetermined areas away from vehicles and places where people and pets will walk. This helps expedite the snow clearing process and ensures snow piles will not blocks access to utilities, fire hydrants, or vehicles. This also allows us to keep snow away from your business or other structures when possible.

We also avoid covering exhaust vents, so they continue to work properly as well as, drains, in order to allow for adequate drainage when the snow begins to melt. Snow will also be cleared from business numbers to keep them visible from the street so customers and emergency vehicles can find your business.

Get Your Free Estimate

Winter storms can be inconvenient, but they don’t have to shut down your business until the snow melts. When winter strikes, contact The Grounds Guys. Our snow clearing services can help keep your business accessible throughout the winter. To learn more give us a call or schedule a free estimate online.

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