Residential Flower Bed Edging and Redefining Services

Have outside seedlings taken over your gardens? We have a solution. Flower bed edging is one of the best ways to keep your flower gardens looking their best. It’s also an excellent way to control lawn weeds and rogue grass from taking over your gardens. We provide bi-annual and annual redefining services to refresh and maintain a spade or natural hand edge.

We use traditional and specialized tools, such as an edging spade or mechanical edging machine, and have the expertise to keep your gardens looking clean and elegant. Adding our professional flower bed edging services to your lawn and garden maintenance plan can help you achieve the garden you’ve been yearning to have.

Benefits of Flower Bed Edging

  • Helps keep your gardens well-groomed
  • Prevents plant roots from growing outside the gardens
  • Helps maintain defined grass area and keeps it out of garden areas
  • Makes it easier to control irrigation, fertilization, and chemical applications in the garden areas
  • Helps improve the curb appeal of a property

Residential Edging for Flower Beds

Are you tired of battling weeds and other aggressive flower garden invaders? Do you tend to damage the plants inside the border when weeding? Our professional flower bed edging services protect your plants. The Grounds Guys take extra care when edging for flower beds and around trees where roots are shallow to prevent damage.

Material Options Available for Flower Bed Edging

Edging borders consists of either straight or curved borders to establish the garden area. There are several finished edge options available to enhance your landscape edging, including:

  • Natural hand edging
  • Recycled materials
  • Rubber edging
  • Plastic or steel edging
  • Wood edging
  • Concrete pavers
  • Bricks

How Often Should I Do Flower Bed Edging?

We recommend redefining flower gardens one or more times per season. The frequency will depend on the soil conditions and the desired look of your gardens. However, we recommend several visits to keep your flower gardens looking crisp and neat year-round. Flower gardens with permanent edges, such as steel and plastic edging or bricks and concrete, will require routine maintenance to help keep mulch and dirt from spilling onto the lawn.

When edging for flower beds, The Grounds Guys will leave your garden looking better than ever. Our service includes clean-up, hauling away, and disposing of edged debris.

Why You Need Professional Flower Bed Edging Services

Edging and redefining garden beds is a complex, time-consuming job. We know how much effort is involved in creating and maintaining beautiful flower gardens throughout the growing seasons. From landscape design and installation to flower garden edging, our team of experts brings their years of experience and knowledge to every job! Let our local experts do the dirty work for you.

Professional Flower Garden Edging You Can Count On!

We look forward to helping you enjoy your beautiful garden throughout every season! The Grounds Guys offer several landscape maintenance plans. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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