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Keeping Your Residential Property Beautiful Year-Round

Need to combat pests, weeds, and dead grass? Leave it to The Grounds Guys! Our dedicated landscaping and lawn care experts are proud to offer top quality fertilization, weed control, and pest control services to homeowners. We can assess your property management needs and help you find the treatment plan that is best for your specific preferences. Our lawn care programs are all designed to help keep your property green, lush, and beautiful throughout the seasons.

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Finding the Right Lawn Care Program

At The Grounds Guys, we understand that every homeowner has unique preferences and goals for their property. That is why we have tailored our lawn care services to meet these needs and preferences.

We offer three distinct programs for you to select from:

  • Organic Lawn Care: Designed to help keep your lawn free from harsh chemicals, this program allows you to see natural, healthy results. While it can take longer, the results are more sustainable and your lawn will be 100% safe for children, pets, and the environment!
  • Hybrid Lawn Care: Combining the best of both traditional and organic approaches, this program uses minimal chemicals and more weed control than the organic program, but still remains safe for people, pets, and your local environment.
  • Traditional Lawn Care: While it is considered the most affordable and instantly effective program, it does involve harsher chemicals that aren’t as safe for the environment and may reduce micro-nutrients in your soil over time.

Each program has pros in cons, with the extreme organic option taking longer to see effective results and the traditional program providing instant, but less natural and safe results. The Grounds Guys can help you find the right program depending on the state of your soil, personal preferences, and budget.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy: Contact Our Experts

No matter which program you select, you will still get exceptional pest and weed control support while infusing your lawn with the fertilizer treatments it needs to stay healthy all year long.

Under our three lawn care programs, we also offer three lawn care packages (essential, advanced, and premium) that involve varying treatment frequencies. This means you can customize our unique grounds care programs to meet your exact goals for your property.

Keep your lawn healthy and green by calling The Grounds Guys.

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