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Commercial Pest, Weed & Fertilization

Landscaping Solutions for Businesses of All Kinds

It’s not easy to maintain a beautiful property year-round. It requires quite a bit of attention to detail and professional insight. The Grounds Guys offers the expertise that businesses can count on. We are the most trusted name in commercial landscaping and lawn care. We serve all types of businesses throughout Canada, including hospitals, schools, and shopping centers. We also specialize in pest and weed control and lawn fertilization.

To learn more about our lawn care services, reach out to us today at (888) 972-8063 for a free estimate.

Our Three Landscaping Programs

To meet the diverse needs of our clients, we offer three different lawn care programs. Each of these options provides different benefits, depending on the requirements of your property and the type of care you’re looking for. You can always count on our commercial landscapers to provide premium, environmentally responsible solutions.

Our three plans include:

Traditional Lawn Care

  • Delivers quicker results
  • Is better for moderate use and growth
  • Often costs less than natural fertilizer
  • Not as safe for people and animals as organic lawn care

Organic Lawn Care

  • Safer for people and animals
  • Promotes the growth of soil micro-organisms
  • Creates sufficient soil drainage
  • Minimizes erosion of turf
  • Requires less upkeep
  • Promotes soil resilience

Hybrid Lawn Care

  • Helps the soil stay healthier longer
  • Requires less frequent trimming and mowing
  • Traditional fertilizer helps prevent weeds
  • Builds drought-resistant plant life
  • Safe for people and animals

Our Landscaping On Your Schedule

Not all landscapes are the same, of course, which is why we offer different schedules for different properties. We are committed to our clients and offer three packages that will each create beautiful, lush landscapes that enhance your business’ appearance. We’ll prevent the growth of weeds and the infestation of pests, and we will use safe measures to deliver a healthier property.

Our schedules include:

  • Essential – Two visits from our landscaping team in early spring and early fall.
  • Advanced – Four rounds of lawn care from our team in early and late spring, late summer, and fall.
  • Premium – Six visits from our landscapers between spring and winter.

To learn more, contact The Grounds Guys at (888) 972-8063 to request a free consultation. We look forward to discussing your landscaping needs with you.

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