Commercial Pest, Weed, & Fertilization

Industry-Leading Expertise & Consistent Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining beauty on a commercial property year-round requires a level of detail and expertise that requires a professional’s insight. When it comes to expertise businesses can depend on, The Grounds Guys is the most trusted name in commercial lawn care and landscaping services. We provide for commercial properties throughout Canada, including schools, hospitals, and shopping centres.

We offer three different lawn care programs to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Each program provides different benefits, depending on the requirements of your property and the type of care you desire. As always, The Grounds Guys provides high-quality, environmentally-responsible solutions.

Organic Lawn Care

  • Creates efficient soil drainage
  • Minimizes erosion of the turf
  • Requires less frequent upkeep
  • Promotes growth of soil micro-organisms
  • Safer for people and animals
  • Promotes soil resilience

Hybrid Lawn Care

  • Safe for people and animals
  • Helps the soil stay healthier for longer
  • Builds drought-resistant plant life
  • Requires less frequent mowing and trimming
  • Traditional fertilizer will help prevent weeds

Traditional Lawn Care

  • Often costs less than natural fertilizer
  • Can deliver quicker results
  • Is better for moderate use / growth
  • Not as safe for people and animals

Our Different Landscaping Schedule Packages

The central part of The Grounds Guys’ values is our commitment to our clients. You come first—always. Each of our packages create beautiful, lush landscapes that bring out the best in your business’ appearance. We prevent the growth of weeds and the annoyance of pests as well, while using safe measures that result in healthier property. Our team of landscape specialists recognizes that different properties have different needs, so we have custom maintenance packages for various clients.

These packages include:

  • Essential – Two rounds of service in early spring and early fall.
  • Advanced – Four rounds of lawn care service in early and late spring, late summer, and fall.
  • Premium – Six rounds of lawn care service between spring and winter.

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