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Have you noticed undersized leaves or leaf veins darker than the leaf margins on your trees and shrubs? Do the trees and shrubs on your landscape have shorter than normal annual twig growth or dead branches and branch tips? If so, your trees and shrubs could be suffering from nutrient deficiency. The Grounds Guys arborists can help your trees flourish with expert tree fertilization services!

Our professional arborists can correct your trees and shrubs' nutrient deficiency by mimicking the soil environment found in their natural forest setting. We can help keep your landscape in tip-top shape by adding our shrub and tree fertilization services to your existing lawn maintenance programs.

Why Do Trees and Shrubs Lack Proper Nutrients?

Homeowners often like to plant new trees in tight places and near turf-grass. Problems arise because turf-grass typically outcompetes the trees for nutrients. Nutrient deficiency can also occur when homeowners collect leaves, twigs, and fallen bark, disrupting the recycling of essential nutrients.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization Services Offered

We offer several tree and shrub fertilization services to help restore your shrubs and trees' vitality, including:

  • Deep root feeding

  • Soil drenching

  • Foliar fertilization

  • Vertical mulching

  • Surface application

  • Trunk injections

Deep root feeding

Deep root feeding is the process of using a probe to inject liquid fertilizer into the soil. Doing this will deliver essential nutrients to the surrounding trees and shrubs, including the living organisms. We recommend performing this service during the spring and fall seasons.

Deep root feeding can benefit your trees and shrubs in many ways, including :

  • Rejuvenate and improve soil structure

  • Reduce soil compaction to promote easier oxygen, water, and nutrient absorption for the root systems

  • Stimulate root and stem growth

  • Help develop greater resistance to plant diseases and make them less vulnerable to pests

  • Help trees and shrubs recover from stressful conditions caused by weather and construction damage.

Soil Drenching

Soil drenching is when liquid fertilizer is delivered around the base of the plant to provide nutrients and living organisms. This process is designed to replenish the soil with the nutrients your tree(s) need to thrive.

Foliar Fertilization

Foliar applications are excellent for supplying plants with secondary nutrients and micronutrients during the growing season.

Vertical Mulching

The vertical mulching process is used on trees to aerate the soil, partially de-compact the soil, deliver fertilizer, and inoculate the root zone.

Surface Application

Our arborists use this process when fertilizing annuals, perennials, ground-covers, and small shrubs. This application is typically made in mulched garden areas.

Trunk injections

Your local arborists can treat trees with fertilizer and micro-nutrients via trunk injections. Trunk injections effectively correct health problems such as construction injury and mico-nutrient deficiencies or chlorosis.

Professional Tree Fertilization Services Near Me

If you think the trees and shrubs on your property need professional attention, contact The Grounds Guys. Our professional arborists are committed to helping your trees and shrubs thrive. To learn more about tree maintenance and the other services we offer,request a free job estimate today!

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