Professional Commercial Mulching Services

Weeds look unappealing and take nutrients away from the flowers and plants you want to show off. This can be a huge problem for businesses trying to attract and impress customers. At The Grounds Guys, we have a solution. We are a professional landscaping company that offers commercial mulch services that will help preserve the health and beauty of your property.

We’re often asked, “what is mulch used for?” The function of mulch is deceptively simple: preventing weeds from receiving sunlight and water. To do so, we lay a thick layer of material on top of the soil. This prevents weeds from growing and harming other plants. It’s a far more efficient method than constantly pulling weeds.

Our landscaping team is highly trained and ready to provide your commercial property with the industry-leading care it needs to always look its best. To learn more about our commercial mulch services, reach out to us today.

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Benefits of Commercial Mulching Services

The function of mulch is deceptively simple: prevent weeds from receiving sunlight and water. To do so, you just need to lay a thick layer of material on top of your soil. This will prevent them from growing and harming other plants that you’ve planted. It’s a far more efficient method than constantly pulling weeds.

Mulch comes in a variety of types, both organic and inorganic, which include:

  • Chips
  • Stones
  • Back chips
  • Plastic
  • Grass clippings
  • Straw
  • Cocoa shells

Benefits of Commercial Mulching Services

Mulching services offer the following benefits to your commercial landscape:

  • Prevent weed growth
  • Maintain an even appearance across your property
  • Help to regulate soil temperature
  • Prevent erosion
  • Increase the nutrients in the soil
  • Minimize soil compaction
  • Conserve wetness and save water

Types of Mulch We Offer

We offer commercial mulch in a variety of forms, both organic and inorganic, including the following:

  • Wood Chips (organic): chips from trees that have been cut down and trimmed
  • Stones (organic): gravel or crushed stone, rock mulch, and pumice stone
  • Bark chips (organic): chips made from tree barks; often come from cedar, pine, and hemlock trees
  • Rubber (inorganic): material typically recycled from sources such as tire waste; great for insulating plants and providing a safe, cushioned surface for playgrounds
  • Plastic (inorganic): clear polyethylene and black polyethylene; excellent for insulating the soil
  • Grass clippings (organic): clippings that cool the root zone and conserve moisture
  • Straw (organic): material typically derived from the remains of cereal and grain crops; does not contain seeds and can be used any time of the year
  • Cocoa shells (organic): the outer portion of cocoa beans, also known as husks or hulls; add essential nutrients to the soil as it decomposes

Our landscapers can help you determine which type of mulch is best for your property, depending on your needs and style preferences. The timing of laying down mulch is also important, as mulching too late or too soon can prevent soil from retaining warmth, which can be damaging to your landscape.

Mulching Services for Landscapes

Nobody likes seeing weeds and dying plants on their commercial landscape; it can leave the wrong impression. We have the right mulch for landscaping, and it’s one of the best ways to maintain the beauty of your commercial property.

Mulching Services for Athletic Fields

Maintaining your athletic field is a smart investment. From baseball diamonds to football fields, our experts specialize in keeping sports fields in optimal playing condition and looking great for visitors and athletes alike. Besides keeping the grass lush and clean, we can apply mulch to areas prone to weed infestations.

Mulching Services for Playgrounds

We create safe and attractive environments for children by installing mulch for playgrounds. Our experts know how to install cushiony, springy rubber mulch on the surface of the play area to lessen the chances of children injuring themselves from a fall. We can also install rubber around the playground, such as on pathways.

Mulching Services for Erosion Control

Our commercial mulch services can help prevent soil erosion from stormwater runoff. Straw, bark chips, and wood chips are excellent types of mulch to use to reduce the volume and velocity of stormwater runoff.

Mulching Services for Ecosystem Restoration

Mulch can help restore and transform damaged ecosystems, making the soil fertile again and promoting the growth of native plants.

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