Residential Lawn Dethatching Service

Thatch is a highly intermingled layer of living and dead stems, leaves, and roots that collects between the layer of actively growing grass and the soil underneath. Although the material is organic, too much of it can cause problems. Thatch buildup can cause diseases and encourage moss to grow in areas where grass has died.

Fortunately, we have a solution. Lawn dethatching can be essential to keeping your grass and soil healthy. It allows air, water, and nutrients to reach your plants and soil again. Lawn dethatching can help a lawn drain better too.

With The Grounds Guys lawn dethatching service and other lawn maintenance services, we can help keep your lawn looking neat, healthy, and attractive!

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Negative Aspects About Thatch:

  • Thatch forms a barrier that deprives the root system of air, water, and nutrients.
  • It promotes insect manifestations by creating a space for them to live.
  • It creates an environment where diseases can harbour and grow.

Benefits of Lawn Dethatching Service:

  • Keeps grass and soil healthy.
  • Dethatching allows water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the soil.
  • Improves drainage.
  • Encourages new root growth and stimulates grass roots.
  • Helps prepare your lawn for reseeding or overseeding.

Time of Year to Dethatch

Lawn dethatching can stress a lawn. However, spring or fall are the best seasons to dethatch a lawn because the lawn will recover more quickly from the stress of dethatching.

Why Choose Us for Professional Lawn Dethatching?

When it comes to maintaining your lawn correctly, experience counts. The same is true for dethatching. We recommend using this service because it costs significantly less than stripping off thatch, disposing of it, and reseeding or re-sodding. It’s also a very labour-intensive job that requires running a machine over a lawn.

Our trained professionals use a mechanical lawn dethatcher to remove thatch from your lawn. It often requires several passes of running the lawn dethatcher in different directions to thin the thatch; this can correct the problem.

We always leave your landscape looking better than ever. Once we’re done, we rake up the debris and haul it away to be composed. Post-dethatching can also be an ideal time to top dress with compost and overseed.

Top Dressing

After dethatching, it can be a good idea to top dress your lawn with compost. Doing this adds organic matter to your lawn, improving the soil.


With dethatching complete, it’s an ideal time to overseed the lawn. Overseeding the lawn can help your lawn get back to looking thick, lush, and green. Our trained experts can incorporate seeds with resistance to certain insects and diseases, which can diversify your lawn and help it overcome infestations. It’s a great way to keep pesky insects at bay!

Professional Lawn Dethatching Near Me

We’re here to help! Not every lawn needs dethatching. However, if you’re unsure or believe your lawn could benefit from this service, contact us today for a free estimate.

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