Residential Weed Control and Removal Service

Weed removal service from The Grounds Guys® helps eliminate all types of weeds from your landscape. Best of all, when we perform your weed removal, you don't have to lift a finger. If you’ve been looking for weed control near you, search no more.

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Professional Weed Control Company

The Grounds Guys are here for you. We are happy to perform a one-off removal of weeds. However, to really keep those unwanted lawn guests gone for good, we recommend adding our weed control service to your existing landscape maintenance plan.

Through regular weed control we help prevent weeds from spreading their seeds and regrowing season after season. Your lawn will look better and be healthier when you manage your weeds before they grow out of control.

We offer various weed removal service options, including initial weeding, weekly weeding, and pre-emergent applications.

Weed Removal Services for Residential Properties

Our trained professionals are ready to eliminate weeds from your landscape. Here’s a quick overview of the specific weed control and removal services we offer.

  • Weekly chemical and hand-pulling service
  • Bed pre-emergent
  • Chemical weeding and organic applications
  • Hand weeding
  • Sucker control
  • Controlling volunteer tree seedlings
  • Maintenance weeding
  • Initial weeding

Weekly Chemical and Hand-Pulling Service

Our weekly chemical and hand-pulling weed control service provides incredible results to maintain your home landscape's curb appeal. Our trained professionals use chemical control techniques and hand pulling to cut off suckers and unwanted saplings at the base of plants.

Bed Pre-Emergent

When other weed control methods can't keep up with the constant growth of weeds, we use bed pre-emergent applications. We can make these applications to flower and groundcover gardens and other parts of your home's landscape. Making these applications during specific times of the growing season allows for the most significant control of weeds.

Traditional Chemical Weeding and Organic Applications

The Grounds Guys offers traditional and organic weed control applications based on your local and provincial regulations. We will only treat the area where weeds are located.

Hand Weeding

Hand weeding is a great option when you prefer not to use chemical treatments on your lawn. If you've ever pulled weeds by hand, you know how tedious and challenging it can be. We offer weed hand-pulling services that save you considerable time and effort.

Sucker Control

We use specific control materials to inhibit the growth of sucker sprouts and keep aggressive sucker sprouts from occurring. We cut sucker sprouts off at the base of plants.

Volunteer Tree Seedlings

Sometimes, tree seedlings sprout inside landscape plants. Our professionals can cut these seedlings off at the base. If needed, we can treat them with a chemical to prevent seedlings from regrowing.

Maintenance Weeding

If you love the idea of simply sitting back and never worrying about weeds again, our maintenance weeding package is right for you. As the name suggests, we will put your weeding program on autopilot, with our team coming by at regular intervals to perform your preferred weeding services.

Initial Weeding

Have weeds taken over your yard? Don’t worry! We help kick out the invaders so you can enjoy a beautiful, healthy lawn. During our initial weeding visit, we’ll scope out your lawn and work with you to determine the right weed removal service based on your preference and budget.

Our first visit usually requires more time and effort as we get on top of the situation and set you up for success moving forward. Most of our customers decide to move into a maintenance plan after the initial removal of weeds.

The Weeds We Target

At The Grounds Guys, our teams will address nearly any weed commonly found in Canadian lawns and gardens. From dandelions to crabgrass, clover, and more, we’ve seen and weeded it all.

The specific weeds on your property will determine which methods and materials we use during our weed removal service. Some chemicals work better on certain weeds, while hand-pulling is suitable for others. Not sure what types of weeds you have on your lawn? Contact us for a free evaluation, and we will recommend a weed removal and control plan tailored to your property.

The Benefits of Professional Weed Control

One of the primary benefits of professional weed removal is enhanced aesthetics. Let’s face it: weedy lawns are ugly and tarnish the curb appeal of your home. On the other hand, a beautiful, healthy lawn improves the look of your property and can even boost its value.

Additionally, weeds compete with your grass for space, nutrients, and sunlight. If weeds get a toehold in your lawn, they will outcompete and kill off your grass.

Finally, weeds attract pests and diseases. Part of maintaining a healthy lawn includes getting rid of dangerous weeds.

We Use State-of-the-Art Equipment and Materials

Weeding your own lawn isn’t just back-breaking, it isn’t efficient, either, leading to a loss of your valuable time. At The Grounds Guys, we use the latest solutions and equipment to stop weeds in their tracks and prevent them from growing back.

We also use eco-friendly chemical alternatives whenever we can to help keep your lawn as natural as possible. Our equipment, weed-fighting solutions, and many years of experience help us work efficiently to give you great results.

Customized Weed Management Plans

Every lawn is different, which is why we always offer customized weed management plans. We will develop a weed removal and control plan based on the makeup of your lawn, your goals, and your budget. As mentioned, we perform ongoing weed management or roll our weed-crushing services into a larger landscape management plan that includes regular lawn maintenance and seasonal services.

Whatever you need, we can create a one-of-a-kind landscaping plan for you. Additionally, all our work is backed by the Neighbourly Done Right Promise™, which guarantees your satisfaction.

Trust The Grounds Guys for a Weed-Free Haven

Stay one step ahead of weeds. For the best weed control near you, find your local The Grounds Guys and request a free estimate today!

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