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Residential Weed Control and Removal Service

No matter where you live, weeds can take over your lawn and garden in no time. They're pesky and stubborn, and trying to control weed invaders can seem like a never-ending, time-consuming battle. Fortunately, with The Grounds Guys weed control service, we can help eliminate all types of weeds from your landscape. Best of all, with our weed removal service, you don't have to lift a finger!

Professional Weed Control Company

The Grounds Guys are here for you. Add our weed control service to your existinglandscape maintenance plan to keep your yard looking its best all year! Regularly scheduled weekly visits and multiple control tactics are crucial to controlling weeds.

We offer various weed removal service options, including initial weeding, weekly weeding, and pre-emergent applications.

Weed Removal Services for Residential Properties

Our trained professionals are ready to eliminate weeds from your landscape!

  • Weekly chemical and hand pulling service

  • Bed pre-emergent

  • Chemical weeding and organic applications

  • Hand weeding

  • Sucker control

  • Controlling volunteer tree seedlings

  • Maintenance weeding

  • Initial weeding

Weekly Chemical and Hand Pulling Service

Our weekly chemical and hand-pulling weed control service provide incredible results if you want to keep up with your home landscape's curb appeal. Our trained professionals use chemical control techniques and hand pulling to cut off suckers and unwanted saplings at the base of plants.

Bed Pre-Emergent

When other weed control methods can't keep up with the constant growth of weeds, we use bed pre-emergent applications. We can make these applications to flower and groundcover gardens and other parts of your home's landscape. Making these applications during specific times of the growing season allows for the most significant control of weeds.

Traditional Chemical Weeding and Organic Applications

The Grounds Guys offer traditional and organic weed control applications based on your local, state, and provincial regulations. We will only treat the area where weeds are located.

Hand Weeding

Hand weeding is a great option when you can't use chemical treatments. If you've ever pulled weeds by hand, you know how tedious and challenging it can be. We offer weed hand pulling services that save you considerable time and effort!

Sucker Control

We use specific control materials to inhibit the growth of sucker sprouts and keep aggressive sucker sprouts from occurring. We cut sucker sprouts off at the base of plants.

Volunteer Tree Seedlings

Sometimes tree seedlings sprout inside landscape plants. Our professionals can cut these seedlings off at the base. If needed, we can treat with a chemical to prevent seedlings from regrowing.

Initial Weeding and Maintenance Weeding

The first visit usually requires more time and effort to remove stubborn weeds. Once the initial weeding is complete, we recommend weekly maintenance weeding to keep your lawn and gardens free from weeds.

A Professional Weed Control Company You Can Count On!

It's always a good idea to stay one step ahead of weeds. The Grounds Guys can help keep your home's landscape looking its best.Contact us today for free estimates on our professional weed control service.

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