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Interior Landscaping Services

Are you looking to create an attractive and relaxing indoor environment that stimulates the senses? Incorporate interior landscaping into your home! The Grounds Guys provide professional interior landscaping services to enhance your home and quality of life.

Interior Landscaping Benefits

The Grounds Guys specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining greenery and biophilic elements inside your home. Here are just some of the benefits of adding plants inside your home:

  • Improves air quality.

  • Humanizes the space with biophilia.

  • Reduces home environment noise.

  • Hides unsightly objects and areas.

  • Can be used to enhance seasonal decorations.

Interior Landscaping Options:

  • Home office plants

  • Atriums or botanical garden space

  • Living walls

  • Artificial plants

  • Seasonal decorating

Living Walls

A living wall not only looks fantastic, it can help improve the air quality inside your home. These densely covered vertical surfaces with greenery help add a focal element to any area of your home. They are an excellent interior landscaping option for any size space and add vibrancy and energy to your indoor space without taking up too much surface area. If your home is too hot or too cold, they can provide an extra layer of insulation to control the temperature inside your home.

Artificial Plants

Artificial plants are a great option in places where live plants have difficulty growing successfully. They can add colour and improve the decor of your indoor space. We often mix artificial plants with live plants in our designs.

Seasonal Decorating

Don't have the time or energy for seasonal decorating? Let us help! We can bring seasonal colours and festive cheer to your home! Our interior landscaping design experts can use living and artificial plants, lighting, and colour displays to enhance your indoor environment and help celebrate a specific season or holiday.

Indoor Plant Services

Atriums or a botanical garden space typically require a larger scope of indoor plant services, which include:

  • Tall tree maintenance

  • Pest management

  • Soil management

  • Plant rotations

  • Cleaning and maintenance of artificial plants

  • Colour displays

  • Watering service

Why Hire Interior Landscaping Professionals?

Indoor plants may have limited access to sunlight, air quality, and other resources that help them thrive. Hiring an attentive, responsive, and caring interior landscaping professional can ensure your interior landscaping remains healthy and continues to thrive indoors.

When it comes to interior spaces, it's important to hire someone who understands the difficulties of caring for indoor plants. The Grounds Guys landscaping experts are trained in science-based horticulture. We know how to beautify your home with vibrant plants and colours, including the environmentally friendly ways to help them flourish indoors .

Professional Interior Landscaping Services Near You

The Grounds Guys are licensed and insured landscaping experts. We care about what we do and look forward to transforming the interior of your home with the beauty and health benefits that indoor plants provide . You can get started by setting up a free consultation today.
The Grounds Guys employees performing lawn work

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