Experts in Optimised Organic Lawn Care

Building Strong, Healthy, & Stable Soil

While other landscapers may promise pretty lawns or garden beds, The Grounds Guys are interested in setting our sights higher: making your lawn nutrient-rich, vital, and resistant to pests and drought. Having a genuinely healthy lawn results in the same beautiful appearance, but with longer-lasting vibrancy that come from science-based horticulture methods. We accomplish this through organic lawn care.

Organic lawn care focuses on the health of your soil. Healthy soil means healthy plants, so we start at the root of the issue (quite literally). Our treatments unlock the nutrients in your soil, enriching it over time. As a result, plant roots will grow deeper into the soil, lending them a lasting stability that synthetic lawn care methods cannot offer. Our landscaping experts will also develop the microbial life of your soil, growing a rich ecosystem that can handle whatever your climate throws at it.

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How Does Organic Lawn Care Work?

Our treatment is based on a combination of nutrient-building microbes and minerals that naturally appear together in nature. These microbes convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form of nitrogen that plants can use: ammonia (NH3). Supplementing the conversion of nitrogen allows your plants the “food” they need to grow more vibrant and lush.

Our blend also includes minerals such as potassium, iron, sulfur, 19 amino acids, and other elements that the soil needs in order to facilitate plant growth. Combined, these ingredients create microbial structures that increase the yield, growth, and health of your plant life. In addition, these structures allow your soil to absorb higher volumes of water—reducing the risk of flooding your plants and lessening the impact of dry or hot climates.

Most importantly, our treatment becomes more effective over time. As the microbes take hold of the soil and build deeper structures, the soil will become nutrient-rich at deeper levels. This will prompt plants to grow down in order to receive the nutrients in the soil. Deeper roots have great benefits for your plants—adding stability and resistant to extreme cold or heat—but they also improve the atmosphere for us as well! Deep-rooted plants tend to produce higher volumes of oxygen while drawing CO2 from the air.

Synthetic Lawn Care vs. Organic Lawn Care

Synthetic lawn care has been around for several decades, and regarding its purpose, it “works.” The point of synthetic treatment is to create a high yield quickly, without an eye toward stability or deep roots. It accomplishes this by injecting the soil with nitrogen, providing plants with a high dosage of the fuel it needs.

Unfortunately, synthetic treatments run the risk of creating an overabundance of nitrogen, which can actually damage the soil over time. The microbes in the soil die out, and the structure of the soil itself becomes far weaker and less able to sustain deep-rooted, stable plants. However, like it promises, synthetic treatments are highly effective at creating plant growth quickly.

Organic lawn care simply focuses on the big picture of plant health, with the goal of creating sustainable and long-lasting plant life. In the end, the visual results are the same. However, synthetic treatments result in plants that fade away as quickly as they arrived. Organic methods improve the actual health of your property, not just its appearance.

However, it should be noted: organic treatments take time, especially if your soil has been synthetically treated for a long time. Building microbial structures is a natural process, which means it moves at its own pace. In the end, though, the benefits to you are far stronger. Taking a soil-focused approach means your plants will not die out quickly in droughts or cold snaps, preventing decomposition.

No decomposition means no pests feeding on your dying plants, which overall leads to a pest-free, beautiful, and weather-resistant lawn or garden bed. Ultimately, with our organic lawn care program, The Grounds Guys uses the same methods as Mother Nature—just with a more deliberate and focused approach.

Interested in having a healthy lawn or yard, that doesn’t die out whenever the weather gets a little extreme? Contact our professional landscapers to learn how organic lawn care can benefit your home.