Lawn & Bed Maintenance Services in Midland, ON

Lawn & Bed Maintenance Services in Midland, ON

Premium Garden & Lawn Care Programs

Professional gardening and lawn maintenance near you can transform any landscape: green turf, healthy plants, and vibrant flowers can create the curb appeal your home deserves. However, maintaining your yard requires a lot of time, specialized tools, and strenuous labor. Fortunately, The Grounds Guys of Midland, ON offers a variety of services and programs to take care of your landscaping needs for you.

We have three distinct programs for grounds care:

  • Organic Lawn Care – Our organic regimen utilizes fertilizers that promote healthy, long-lasting soil by adding diverse nutrients from plant, animal, and mineral sources. As a result, your soil will enjoy minimal erosion, increased drainage, and immunity to pests and diseases.
  • Hybrid Lawn Care – Our hybrid program offers the eco-friendly benefits of organic methods with the weed-killing potency of traditional fertilizer. It is cost-effective, gentle on the environment, prevents weed growth, nurtures micro-organisms, and makes your lawn more resilient to drought.
  • Traditional Lawn Care – Our traditional package delivers quick results at an affordable price, utilizing fertilizers that kill weeds effectively.

Flower Bed Maintenance

During the spring and summer, the emergence of fragrant and colorful blooms can make any landscape a magical setting. Even if you already have gorgeous flowers, garden bed maintenance is complex and greatly benefits from a professional touch. Our specialists will follow proven techniques to help your garden thrive with our flower bed maintenance service near you.

Mulching is another invaluable maintenance service we offer. Whether you prefer wood chips, black plastic, or rocks, we have an array of mulching options that are aesthetically pleasing and help prevent weeds from sprouting up. Mulching can also help maintain even soil temperatures, minimize soil compaction during heavy rains, and conserve water by increasing moisture retention.

Seasonal Cleanup Services

Certain seasons naturally call for increased lawn care and landscaping efforts. At The Grounds Guys of Midland, ON, we can help you prepare for these periods by offering season-specific programs, including our:

  • Spring Cleanup Package – Winter can wreak havoc on your landscape. Let our landscaping experts get your yard ready for warmer weather and sunnier days! We can remove dead plants and prepare your flower beds for a vibrant season.
  • Fall Cleanup Package – When autumn months arrive and the colorful foliage begins to drop, you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t panic! Our cleaning crews can rake and remove all the fallen leaves to save you time for more important things.
  • Seasonal Colour Package – Our gardening specialists are trained in professional horticultural practices and can expertly design landscapes. Working with your aesthetic input, we can create an exquisite arrangement of multi-seasonal, perennial, and annual flowers that will keep your landscape looking stunning all year long.

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