How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sprinkler System in Canada?

Automatic sprinkler system watering the lawn.

If you want a consistently green and healthy lawn, you’ll need to regularly water your grass. Rather than standing outside with the hose every few days, save yourself time and effort by installing a sprinkler system.

How Are Sprinkler Systems Priced?

Unless you have a lot of landscaping experience, it’s usually a good idea to hire a professional to install most sprinkler systems, especially if it will require digging and trenching.

When pricing your sprinkler system, most landscapers will divide your property into “zones” or specific, manageable sections designed to have their own dedicated water supply. Zoning a lawn allows landscapers to ensure that every part of your yard receives full water coverage.

The sprinkler system cost is usually priced per zone. The estimated average in Canada is $500 per zone, with most yards requiring four to seven zones. Keep in mind that not every zone is the same size or price, which is why it’s so important to request a personalized quote from an experienced landscaper. In general, most sprinkler installations in Canada cost anywhere from $2,418 to $6,986. The Grounds Guys® will give you an accurate estimate upon visiting your property and understanding your vision.

Different Types of Sprinkler Systems

The most important factor in your overall sprinkler system cost will be the type of system you choose to install.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation system watering garden.

While not technically a sprinkler system, drip irrigation systems are growing in popularity in Canada and are a great way to lower your overall water usage. Drip systems deliver water directly to the base of grass and plants using a network of pipes, valves, and emitters. Drip irrigation systems can be a relatively low-cost option, though they are most often used to water gardens, flowerbeds, and shrubs rather than full grass lawns.

In-Ground Sprinklers

In-ground sprinkler system watering lawn.

Also called pop-up sprinklers, this is the most common type of sprinkler system in Canada. Sprinkler heads are installed below the ground and “pop up” when the system activates. In-ground sprinklers can provide a fixed spray or rotate for greater overall coverage. They are relatively affordable compared to other common sprinkler options and are a good pick for small to medium-sized lawns.

Rotor Sprinklers

Rotor sprinkler system watering lawn.

If you have a larger lawn or extensive landscape, you might be better served by rotor sprinklers, which are designed to cover a greater area than pop-up sprinklers. This system uses sprinkler heads that rotate slowly, distributing water in a wide, circular pattern. Rotor sprinklers require high water pressure and are usually more expensive than in-ground sprinklers.

Smart Sprinkler Systems

Smart irrigation system controller

While you’ll pay more upfront to install a smart sprinkler system, you’ll get more control and capabilities in return. These types of systems use sensors and WiFi to automatically adjust water schedules based on weather patterns, soil conditions, and the specific needs of your plants. This can help you use less water and lower your water bills in the long run.

Factors Affecting the Cost to Install a Sprinkler System

The type of system you choose isn’t the only big factor in the overall sprinkler system cost:

The Size and Layout of Your Lawn

Makes sense, right? The larger your lawn, the more piping, valves, sprinkler heads, and other materials your system will need, and the more time and effort it will take your landscaping pro to install it. Smaller yards with complex shapes may require more planning and effort, which will boost the project’s overall cost.


Assuming you hire an experienced and licensed professional to install your sprinkler system, you’ll need to pay for their time and expertise. Labour costs are typically higher in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary.

Soil Type

Most sprinkler systems require trenching. If your soil is hard, rocky, or clay-like, your landscaping team will need to spend more time digging.

Landscape Features

That stone walkway and large fountain may look great in your yard, but they can make planning and installing your sprinkler system more complicated. Trees, shrubs, and other hardscapes can also add to the difficulty and labor costs of installing a sprinkler system.

Permits and Inspections

Some municipalities in Canada may require permits or inspections to install your sprinkler system. Your landscaper should know the permitting and inspection requirements for your area.


When you sit down with your landscaping pro to start planning your sprinkler system, you’ll find that you can add all sorts of customizations to the project, like rain sensors, soil moisture sensors, remote access, and more. Each add-on will increase your sprinkler system price.

Work with an Experienced Team on Your Sprinkler System

At The Grounds Guys®, our local teams are highly experienced in installing sprinkler systems throughout Canada. All of our teams follow our Neighbourly Done Right Promise™ and make great customer service their number one priority.

Contact us, and your local team will assess your lawn and help you design a sprinkler system based on your needs and budget. We’ll then give you a personalized free estimate for the project. Don’t stop there. Our team can also perform ongoing lawn maintenance, so you’ll always have a lawn you’re proud of. Start working with your local The Grounds Guys today.