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  • Dandelion weed growing next to lawn and paver stones

    Will Rock Salt Kill Weeds and Grass?

    It’s almost a reflex to sprinkle salt to clear the walkway on icy days, but it’s not until the end of winter that we start to ...

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  • Suburban home with snow on lawn, plants, trees and roof.

    Landscaping in the Winter

    Although the process will look different from landscaping at other times of the year, not only can you landscape in the winter but ...

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  • Collie running and emerging from a small dog tunnel

    9 Dog Area Ideas for Your Backyard

    Your dog probably loves your yard, but adding these features may make it more appealing, and provide a better setting for ...

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  • Suburban home with icicles hanging from the gutter

    Prevent Icicles on Gutters with These Tips

    Winter brings a swirl of blustering wind, snow, and icicles. While the winter wonder-scape is undeniably beautiful, it can also be ...

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