Is Lawn Fertilizer Safe?

Overhead view of person wearing green rubber gloves and holding a handful of white pellet lawn fertilizer.

Having a beautifully landscaped yard requires considerable care and attention. In addition, a lawn requires regular fertilizer applications to maintain a healthy, green, and soft appearance. But fertilizing also means applying chemicals that may raise safety concerns. Therefore, you may wonder if fertilizing your lawn is safe for your family, pets, and the planet?

The good news is your local landscape pros at The Grounds Guys have some lawn fertilizer safety tips and advice on how you can fertilize your lawn safely. We’ll start by answering these common questions about fertilizer.

Frequently Asked Question About Lawn Fertilizer

Many of our customers have questions about lawn fertilizer and how and when to use it. Here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions:

Is lawn fertilizer safe?

Traditional lawn fertilizer is relatively safe for residential use but not immediately after its application. Most fertilizers need time to completely dry before it’s safe for people and pets to use the lawn again.

How should fertilizer be applied and stored?

Follow the instructions on the packaging for ‘application instructions,’ dry time, and how to store. All fertilizer should be stored safely away from children and in a cool, dry place.

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Can you walk on grass after fertilizing?

In general, most products advise that people should stay off a newly fertilized lawn for at least 72 hours after the initial application, though this can vary by product.

How long should I keep pets off my lawn after fertilizing?

If you’re wondering how long to keep dogs off the grass after fertilizing, go with a minimum of 48 hours and up to 72 hours to be safe.

Should I water my lawn after fertilizing?

For most fertilizers, it’s recommended that you water the lawn (if rain is in the forecast, let Mother Nature take care of it). After watering, wait up to 24 to 72 hours before allowing kids and pets on the lawn.

Can I apply fertilizer myself?

If you’re applying fertilizer yourself, it’s best to use a spreader to ensure even distribution across your lawn. Applying too much fertilizer in one area can burn and damage the lawn.

What’s the best way to store fertilizer?

All fertilizers, even organic ones, should be stored out of reach of children. If possible, store fertilizer in an airtight container to reduce exposure to moisture. Once fertilizer gets wet or is exposed to moisture, it begins to break down and lose its effectiveness.

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What Is an Eco-friendly Lawn Fertilizer?

Eco-friendly lawn fertilizers are usually those derived from organic, natural materials and are applied as part of a holistic, eco-friendly lawn maintenance regimen.

More About Eco-Friendly Fertilizers

If you are considering using an eco-friendly fertilizer to reduce the environmental impact, here is more information about the different kinds of eco-friendly fertilizers available:

  • Products composed of blood meal, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, minerals, compost, and other naturally occurring materials are often considered eco-friendly lawn fertilizers.
  • Commercially available organic lawn fertilizers are often a combination of the above ingredients, along with other organic materials designed to improve lawn health and soil fertility.

Organic or eco-friendly fertilizers are usually applied at specific times during the year and based on the growth phase of the lawn.

Unlike traditional fertilizers, organic fertilizers are generally safer for kids and pets and don’t require as much time (after application) to keep kids and pets off the lawn. However, verifying timing is always a good idea before allowing children or pets into a recently fertilized area. Not every organic fertilizer is necessarily safe right after application.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Fertilizers

  • Eco-friendly lawn fertilizers work better over time since they build up the fertility of the soil, which helps develop a stronger, healthier lawn.
  • Eco-friendly fertilizer is also generally considered to be pet-safe fertilizer. However, you’ll still want to store these products properly and pay attention to the usage and storage instructions on the product label.

Find a Fertilization Expert Near You

When it comes to your lawn, you can have it all: lush green grass that’s both safe for your family and pets and good for the environment. However, maintaining a healthy lawn does require some time and effort. And storing the materials and supplies you need can sometimes be a hassle. If you’d rather leave lawn fertilization and maintenance to the professionals, your local pros at The Grounds Guys can help. Find The Grounds Guys location near you to request a job estimate online today.