Inconsistent Weed Growth Can Lead to Angry Neighbours

Weeds are more than an eyesore in what would otherwise be a beautiful landscape. We all know those neighbourhoods or communities that would be just perfect, if it weren't for that one house that seems to stick out like a sore thumb! Don’t let your lawn stand out as being less than immaculate. What problems can unwanted weeds cause, and how can you get rid of them?

Dandelion flowering plant

Weeds Can Attract Pests

Unwanted weeds detract from the appeal of your landscape, but they also attract pests including:

  • Mice and rats, who find weeds the perfect nesting spot
  • Gnats
  • Flies
  • Raccoons
  • Fleas

There are lots of animals, bugs and other pests that may find your weeds appealing, depending on the type of weed. This doesn't only affect you; it can affect your neighbours as well if those bugs and pests migrate to their properties! At The Grounds Guys® we know how to prevent weeds from growing, and how to get rid of those you currently have.

Home Owners’ Associations (HOA) Rule for Landscaping

Depending on where you live HOA rules may vary when it comes to landscaping, type of grass used for the lawn, weeds and other factors. For instance, some claim overgrown weeds could potentially be a fire danger. Most require homes in neighbourhoods governed by the HOA to maintain a neat lawn that is neatly trimmed and free of weeds. Ultimately the goal of HOAs is to maintain the value of the homes and the entire neighbourhood while providing a well-manicured appearance for all in the community to take pride in.

How to Prevent Weeds

There are several ways to prevent the growth of weeds such as applying herbicides before weeds begin to emerge or even using corn gluten meal in the soil, which prevents seeds from germinating. It's also possible to discourage weed growth by blocking out sunlight that's necessary for the growth of weeds. Some of the items you can use to block sunlight include grass clippings, newspapers layered with mulch, or mulch by itself.

If despite all your efforts, a few weeds do sprout up in your lawn or flower beds, the best way to get rid of them is the old-fashioned way - pulling them up by the roots. This is a good solution if you prefer not to use harsh chemicals.

Unwanted weeds can be frustrating, considering it seems they can pop up anywhere - even in areas where you least expect them such as in the sidewalk or a gravel driveway. If weeds are a problem for you, it's likely they're a problem for your neighbours as well, and no one wants an angry neighbour!

At The Grounds Guys, we know how to get rid of weeds, even those stubborn weeks that grow in strange places. Trust our team and contact your local The Grounds Guys’ franchise for a lawn and landscape you'll love, and one your neighbours will envy!

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