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New Homeowner Checklist

Checklist for New Homeowners Emphasizes Exterior Home Inspection

As you arrange the furniture and pick paint colours, it’s easy to forget about the landscaping around your new home. Your home’s landscaping not only provides visual appeal, it protects it from the elements, as well.

As the leading expert in the landscaping industry, The Grounds Guys know how important it is to catch any problems early before they become an expensive fix. That tree leaning over the garage? It’s probably best to have it evaluated for removal before the next storm sends it into the roof., a national network of local home service providers dedicated to providing expert advice and service for homeowners, echoed this statement in their recently published New Homeowner Checklist.

The checklist recommends new homeowners assess the landscaping as they move in. Look for dead spots in the lawn and signs of pests or disease in your trees or shrubs. Inspect any hardscapes for signs of decay. Is the mortar crumbling in the stone wall? Are the joints strong? These simple inspections can help you prepare for any future repairs or landscaping. If you want a second opinion, The Grounds Guys are your local landscaping experts ready to help or offer advice.

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