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Treat Your Lawn to Prevent Weeds This Spring

Lawn care can be time consuming and tough; however, it can also be very rewarding. Working in the yard just after winter might require a bit of extra work, but it will be worth it when you see your flowers blooming and your plants growing later on. One of the toughest parts of lawn care might be weed prevention. The Grounds Guys® have done the tough part for you by researching some of the best ways to prevent those pesky weeds:

  • Soak cardboard in water and lay over the bed of soil. From there, you will cover the cardboard in a thick blanket of mulch. This not only stops the weeds from growing, but the mulch suffocates any weeds that might pop up.
  • Using a chemical spray in your flowerbeds and gardens is a quick and easy way to prevent weeds, especially in a commercial setting. Make sure to choose a chemical that is pet-friendly before spraying!
  • Another way to prevent weeds is by using white vinegar. Spraying white vinegar in the cracks on your sidewalk will keep weeds at bay; plus it is easy on the environment and pet friendly.
  • Using landscape fabric is a quick way to spend less time removing weeds and more time reaping the benefits of your garden. This is a great idea if you want to cover it with gravel or rocks instead of mulch.
  • Those tough weeds can’t grow if they don’t have space to; crowding your garden with lots of plants is a natural way to prevent weeds. Plus your lawn will look great with all of the growth.
  • Hire a knowledgeable company to save your precious free time and ensure your yard is weed free.

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