Avoid Dead Spots on Your Grass

Sunny days are often spent in backyard pools or playing games to keep cool. Summer fun can be undone when you notice brown spots in your lawn, and a few culprits may be the cause. Read on for helpful tips to prevent and cure dead spots on your grass.

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Temporary Lawn Toppers

At the beginning of the summer, the whole family is ready to get out in the pool; however, if it is not moved around throughout the summer, the weight of the pool suffocates the grass underneath it. Every summer, temporary above-ground pools, waterslides and seasonal sandboxes can quickly damage the lawn.

  • Swimming pools: Temporary pools frequently cause brown spots on a lawn. The size and weight of a swimming pool blocks the sun and damages grass underneath. You can lessen the damage by placing a large tarp under the pool and relocating it throughout the summer, if possible.
  • Waterslides: This summer activity is great for having lots of fun, but not so great for your yard. Sometimes inflatable waterslides can cause irrigation problems or lots of mud if not set up properly which can lead to a destroyed yard. If this is something your family uses all summer, make sure to move it around after each use so you don’t damage the grass.
  • Other summer activities: If you got your kiddos a bounce house or inflatable waterslide for the summer, make sure to move this around frequently as well. Although these may not be up for a long time, it is important to show that patch of grass some special treatment before and after the inflatable.

Other Causes of Brown Spots

Discolored or brown spots in your can also be caused by lawn fungal disease. A good indication of fungus is a growing brown spot or multiple new spots forming.

We recommend contacting a professional lawn care and maintenance company to properly diagnose and treat lawn fungus. To prevent growth and future outbreaks, follow these steps to ensure a healthy lawn:

  • Proper mowing: Make sure your blades are sharp and to wash the underside of your mower after each use
  • Aerate and dethatch: Aerate every couple of years to allow the soil to breathe
  • Watering: Early in the morning is the best time to water, so the grass can dry during the day
  • Fertilize: Make sure to choose the right fertilizer for your grass and follow the product’s specifications to avoid causing more fungus
  • Move large objects (like pools and inflatable slides) around in your yard throughout the summer
  • Watch for signs of fungus as early detection is important
  • Fertilize according to the product’s specifications and don’t over-fertilize

The Grounds Guys provides professional residential and commercial lawn care, maintenance services. If you need assistance, contact us!

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