10 Most Amazing Backyard Ponds

10 Most Amazing Backyard Ponds.

With the weather warming up, you’re probably looking forward to spending more time outside. Is your back yard ready for summer? Maybe there’s a bare patch that could benefit from the addition of a small pond. Or maybe you want to overhaul the entire back yard this spring and install a huge water fixture. Whether you’re thinking large or small, get inspired by these 10 most amazing backyard ponds.

Amazing Backyard Pond #1

If you envision less of a pond a more of a meandering stream, this amazing backyard water feature will inspire your project. A small bridge connects two sides of the yard and plant life adds to the wild atmosphere. Ample hardscaping gives the homeowner’s guests plenty of places to sit back and enjoy the view.

Amazing Backyard Pond #2

Set a little bit away from the house, this tranquil pond comes complete with gazebo and bridge for an idyllic country setting. It’s easy to picture yourself enjoying a cool glass of lemonade and a good book under that gazebo, isn’t it?

Amazing Backyard Pond #3

When you have the space for it, why not install a pond as large as a swimming pool? The waterfall feature and plant life add to the picturesque setting. An elevated seating area complete with umbrella ensures a comfortable spot to soak it all in.

Amazing Backyard Pond #4

Do you like the idea of a pond with a natural shape? This pond has several layers and varying depths to make life interesting for the koi living there. The nearby seating area and fire pit complete this backyard oasis.

Amazing Backyard Pond #5

Maybe you have a more geometric shape in mind for your backyard pond. In this example, plant and animal life isn’t the emphasis; instead, concrete and stone provide a modern feel within this partially enclosed courtyard.

Amazing Backyard Pond #6

Fountains are a good idea to include in your backyard pond to create a tranquil splashing sound that helps you relax after a long day. In this example, pond walls are made of concrete and the water feature is completely surrounded by lush foliage for an enchanting backdrop.

Amazing Backyard Pond #7

Backyard ponds don’t have to be huge to have a certain elegance about them. Here, the water fixture flows out of a stone wall down terraced surfaces and into the main pond below. The sound of water flowing here must sound so tranquil!

Amazing Backyard Pond #8

The change in elevation here provided the homeowner a perfect chance to install a rocky, natural-looking waterfall on the side of this pond, providing beauty for the eye and the ear. Stone steps located right next to the waterfall let you get up close and personal with the cascading falls.

Amazing Backyard Pond #9

You can take the concept of a waterfall one step further the way this homeowner did. Three individual rectangular ponds have their own ecosystems, including koi fish that live happily in each one. Elegant waterfalls connect each pond, and underwater lights add to the serene landscape.

Amazing Backyard Pond #10

Who says you have to pick between having a pond and a swimming pool? Enjoy the best of both worlds by installing both! In this example, a picturesque pond with waterfall creates the backdrop for a rectangular swimming pool. Whether the homeowner is swimming or sitting on the side of the pool soaking up some rays, they get to enjoy the sights and sounds of a backyard pond as well.

If you decide to move forward with your backyard pond installation, let The Grounds Guys help. Then turn to us for aquatic management services down the road to keep algae, aquatic weeds, bad odours, and murky water at bay.

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