Ottawa Flower Bed Maintenance Service

Ottawa Flower Bed Maintenance Service

Improve or Recover Your Flower Beds

Flower beds are a beautiful accent to any yard, but often require a lot of maintenance and care. If you are looking to reinstate or revive a flower bed in your yard but don’t have the time to dedicate to it, don’t worry. The Grounds Guys of Ottawa West offers professional flower bed services for prepping, maintenance, planting, and more. Our Ottawa gardeners have years of experience taking care of people’s plants and bring about new life, color, and vibrance to their yards. Call today to learn more about what we can do to reinstate your home flower beds and more.

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Preparing Your Flower Bed

Some steps that you can do to get your flower bed ready:

  • Remove the weeds – To reinstate your flower bed and make it bloom, you will first need to remove the overgrowth. Make sure to pull out weeds carefully and remove the entire root to make room for your flowers.
  • Clear out other plants – If you have failed plants or perennials in the flower bed, you will want to clear those out as well. Make sure not to harm any plants that you want to keep in your flower bed.
  • Prepping the ground or soil – Once all the weeds and unwanted plants are clear, next you want to prep the soil. Rake through the soil to prepare it for composting. Soil should be smooth, so make sure to remove rocks that you find in your flower bed.
  • Add the compost – When adding compost, you want to add a layer 2 to 3 inches thick onto the flower bed before turning into the soil with a shovel. This will give your plants nutrients that will help them to grow and look beautiful.
  • Remove the waste – No doubt you will have yard waste from the weeds and unwanted plants you have removed. Dispose of your yard waste correctly in the appropriate containers.

Don’t want to do the dirty work? We’ll do it!

At The Grounds Guys, our Ottawa gardeners and landscapers are equipped to handle all of your gardening needs. From weeding and composting to planting and ongoing care, we can do it all. Not every homeowner has the time or expertise to turn their yard into something they can be proud of, which is where our team comes in. Our gardeners are ready to help you reinstate your flower beds and maintain them moving forward.

Redesigning Your Flower Bed

Want to take your old flower bed and give it a makeover? Redesigning your flower beds can be a fresh way to improve the aesthetic of your yard and give them new life (literally). Flower bed redesigns require some planning in regards to shape, size, and layout for your plants. At The Grounds Guys of Ottawa West, we can help you make your flower bed vision a reality.

Some things to think about when redesigning your flower beds:

  • If you need to mow around your flower beds, it is easier to mow along natural-looking curved edges rather than straight-lined edges.
  • Pay attention to how much sunlight your desired location for a flower bed gets. The number of hours in the sun will impact what kinds of plants you should put there.
  • When planting flowers, group them in odd numbers (3, 5,7,9) for a more cohesive design aesthetic.

Get Started with The Grounds Guys of Ottawa West

Our team is ready to get started! Whether you are prepping for spring or looking for a gardener and landscaper to take the wheel, look no further than The Grounds Guys of Ottawa West. As a top-rated landscaping company, we care about professionalism and customer satisfaction. Get started today with an estimate and learn more information about our team and services in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

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