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The trees and hedges around your property make a big difference in how your business looks. With this said, well kept and trimmed trees and hedges can make your property feel inviting to visitors and will brighten your day when you get to work. The Grounds Guys of Ottawa West can help make this a reality!

person pruning a bushOn the other hand, neglected trees and hedges will do the opposite, driving people away and making your business feel drab and dour. Talk to The Grounds Guys of Ottawa West about our yard maintenance services. We're the trusted name for landscaping and lawn care in Ottawa.

You might know that your hedges and trees could use some attention, but that doesn’t mean you have the time in your day or the energy to take care of it yourself. What are you supposed to do to keep your hedges and trees looking their absolute best?

Call on The Grounds Guys of Ottawa West! Our pruning experts are trusted throughout Ottawa by property owners who take the condition and quality of their businesses seriously. See what they already know about our outstanding services for yourself by scheduling a service today.

Pruning Helps Foliage, Not Just Appearances

When you schedule routine tree and hedge pruning services from our commercial landscapers, your home or business will always look great. While appearances and first impressions are obviously important, did you know that pruning also promotes plant-life health? In fact, one of the most basic yet effective ways of improving the condition is hedge and tree pruning in Ottawa.

What can pruning do for your property’s trees and hedges?

  • Increases the overall lifespan of trees, shrubs, and hedges
  • Lowers the chances of diseases spreading among the greenery
  • Improves the growth rate of healthy branches and shoots
  • Strengthens the core or center of shrubs
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Another benefit of pruning and trimming trees and large hedges is that it can protect the condition of your office space, fences, and other parts of your property. If a storm rolls through Ottawa, then branches can be torn from foliage and thrown around, sometimes with enough force to damage parts of your business. Thick layers of snow on branches can also cause them to drop onto your roof, causing damage that can cost thousands to repair. Pruning excess or particularly large branches before a storm will stop them from coming loose in high winds or heavy rain and snow. A little bit of initiative can save you big money on property repairs!

How Often Should You Prune Your Trees and Hedges?

At The Grounds Guys of Ottawa West, we recommend scheduling a commercial pruning service at least once a year. Ottawa gets the worst snowfall starting around December, so you should plan for tree and hedge pruning in November at the latest.

However, if you want to be proactive with your pruning, then several services a year would be better. Rainfall is common all throughout the year in Ottawa, usually three or so inches each month. With that said, there is pretty much never a bad time to schedule a pruning service.

Also, if the appearance of your business is important beyond just cosmetics, then you might even want some pruning and touch-ups for your trees and hedges every month. For example, if you run a law office out of your home, then you need to make certain that your business looks as inviting as possible if you want to keep as many clients as possible.

For more information about pruning, check out our videos on YouTube.

Make Your Aesthetic a Reality

The Grounds Guys of Ottawa West is standing by to make your commercial property look as wonderful as you wish thanks to our tree and hedge trimming and pruning services. Tell us what you would like done, and we will let you know how soon we can get it done. Staying on schedule and offering competitive prices are cornerstones of our business, as it has been for years.

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