WeCare Day

The Grounds Guys and The Sprinkler Guys of Barrie Celebrate weCARE Day 2014 at the Simcor Hospice

On Friday November 7th, The Grounds Guys and The Sprinkler Guys of Barrie, celebrated weCARE Day. This is a time to reflect on our lost loves ones, and give back to our communities that have been so generous to us. This year we reflect on the lost of Dan Cotie, Peter Leonard, our good Friend Al Duxbury, Edward Pichurski, Jason Vanderheyden, Ck’s grandfather, and Charlie Shafiernich. These people have meant so much to our crew and family’s. They have help shape who we are how we act, we will be forever grateful for them. The Grounds Guys and Sprinkler Guys of Barrie were back in action at the Simcoe Hospice to beautify there grounds and light up there nights.

The Grounds Guys of Barrie weCare Day 2014

The Grounds Guys and Sprinkler Guys of Barrie proudly support Hospice Simcoe, a centre comforts and empowers those living with life-threatening illness and bereavement. Read more about Hospice Simcoe or donate online on their website here.

The Barrie Team worked together with Hospice Simcoe throughout 2011 and 2012 to develop a plan to improve the landscaping over the coming months and years. The goal for landscaping upgrades to Hospice Simcoe are included below.

The Grounds Guys weCare Day 2014 Hospice Simcoe Landscaping

weCARE Day 2013

On November 8th, 2013, the Barrie Team donated their time and effort once again to improving the landscape at Hospice Simcoe. Too Tall Tim, Mascot of The Grounds Guys, also made an appearance to help put a smile on everyone’s faces! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Donating Time for Hospice Simcoe

The Barrie Team worked once again for Hospice Simcoe on July 5-6, 2013. The team donated their time to install sod and irrigation for the Hospice to improve the grounds.

weCARE Day 2012

For the second weCARE Day on November 8th, 2012, the team from Barrie was joined for the day by the team from The Grounds Guys and The Sprinkler Guys of Collingwood. Together, they provided a fall cleanup, and then once again maintained the gardens and added a fresh layer of mulch.

The teams also created a heart-shaped garden, the symbol of weCARE Day, by the Hospice Simcoe sign, and planted tulip and icicle pansy bulbs.

weCARE Day 2011

On November 8th, 2011, the first weCARE Day, the Barrie Team donated their time at Hospice Simcoe. The Team did fall cleanup work, and also installed mulch and edged the gardens.

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