9 Dog Area Ideas for Your Backyard

Your dog probably loves your yard, but adding these features may make it more appealing, and provide a better setting for energetic play.

Creating a Dog-Friendly Backyard

It’s easy for dogs to get into mischief: digging where they shouldn’t and tearing up the grass with their zooms. Dogs will be dogs, but if you’re able to use some backyard ideas for dogs to craft the landscape to meet their needs, you’re more likely to enjoy watching your pet frolic in their little backyard paradise.

Get started with these 9 tips:

1. Choose the Right Turf

  • Not all grass can stand up against your dog’s speedy dashes. Consider upgrading with some durable grass seed blends such as Bermuda Grass or Kentucky Bluegrass. You can consult a landscaping expert like the trusted pros at your local Grounds Guys® to find out which would work best for you.
  • You might also consider opting for artificial turf. The colour stays year-round, it can withstand your pet’s roughhousing, and it will discourage your pup from digging.
  • But who says you even need a green yard? Mulch can serve as an inexpensive pet-friendly alternative. If you choose cedar, it doubles as a bug repellant. Just stay away from cocoa mulch, which is harmful to your dog to ingest.

2. Create a Dog Run

  • Give your pet the space to run without the worry of them damaging your plants. You can fence off a section long enough for your dog to hit full speed and burn off energy. Include a shady spot for particularly hot days.

3. Furnish the Fence

  • Your pup may not like being fenced in, but you know what’s best for their safety. Allow your pooch to feel less confined by planting some bushes on the inner wall or letting a vine climb, to give the fence a more natural look. If your dog doesn’t bark too much, consider adding a window in the fence to allow a glimpse out.

4. Consider a Fence Barrier

  • Many dogs dig, but some are also brilliant escape artists. To keep your pet from tunneling an escape route under the fence, you can install fence barriers.

5. Add a Digging Area

  • If your dog is a digger, you already know there’s nothing you can do to stop them. Instead of scolding them, give them their own place where they’re allowed to dig. Whether you choose a sandbox or mulch pond, you can encourage your pup to bury bones or treats in this special spot.

6. Don’t Forget Shade

  • Perhaps you already have some trees in your yard that can offer this shade, or maybe you plan to plant some. A puppy awning or tent could do the trick as well. You could also choose a doghouse to offer some shade.

7. Install a Splash Pad

  • On any day—but particularly on hot days—dogs love to play in the water. Some dog owners give their pets a fun splash pad with some sprinklers, a kiddy pool, or even a pond they can play in.

8. Choose Pet-Friendly Plants

  • Your dog is bound to sniff or lick the majority of the plants in your yard. They can’t help it. That’s why it’s important for you to know what’s safe before you decide to plant. A few plants to stay away from are dahlias, chrysanthemums, and hydrangeas, which are all known to be toxic to dogs.

9. Pet Playground

  • Creating some form of obstacle course with jumps, tunnels, and ramps gives your dog the opportunity to use up their energy and sharpen their agility—and there’s built-in entertainment value for you.

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Landscaping a Puppy Paradise

Personalizing your backyard with features made especially for your pet is amazing. But sometimes, landscaping projects get bigger than you’re comfortable handling yourself. If you want a hand creating that backyard paradise for your furry friend, our skilled team at The Grounds Guys can make the project a breeze. Give us a call at (888) 972-8063 or request a job estimate online for landscaping services you can trust.