Make Trick or Treaters Safe with Lighted Walkways

Lighted walkway
Halloween is a fun time of year when miniature ghosts and goblins stroll through the neighbourhood in search of tasty treats. Provide your visitors with safe passage on and around your property with a lighted walkway that creates a welcoming path to your door. Here are some helpful tips for outdoor lighting from The Grounds Guys® that can help enhance the safety and security of your home this fall and all year round.

Prepare Your Home for Trick-or-Treaters

At a time of year when kids (and adults) of all ages will be visiting your home, it's important to take some precautions to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable experience. Here is a list of simple steps you can take to prepare before your guests arrive:

Brighter is Better

When it comes to outdoor lighting Halloween is not the time to skimp on low-wattage bulbs or to invoke fear with a dark, shadowy display filled with cobwebs, monsters, and spiders. Keep your property well-lit with these tips:

  • Replace burned out bulbs and low-wattage bulbs with the highest allowable wattage as listed on each individual fixture.
  • Layer the lighting around your home with floodlights, wall lights, rope lighting, pathway lighting, and more!

Safety First

Pumpkin carving is a fun fall activity, and your jack-o-lanterns can help to light up your porch, driveway, or walkways. Prevent fires by swapping out the traditional candles for light sticks or battery-powered LED lights.

Do a Sweep

Take a stiff broom and clear the sidewalk in front of your home, driveway, the pathway leading to your door, front porch steps, and the space in front of your door. Pick up larger items such as stones, sticks, debris, or household belongings such as a garden hose, bicycles, potted plants, and more.

Tighten Up

Test handrails and safety rails to ensure they are secure, tightening bolts or making repairs as needed. Your local Mr. Handyman can help with larger projects or if more extensive repairs are required.

Prevent Slips

Ice, wet leaves, rain, and other hazards can create slippery conditions that may cause injury. Clear surfaces and use ice melt, coarse sand, or friction tape to give trick-or-treaters a safe grip.

Make Room

Park your cars in the garage or further down the street to provide adequate clearance around your home and driveway which can help to increase visibility.

Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

Keep Pets Secured Indoors

Halloween can be a frightening or stressful time for pets with the added noise and activity. Ensure all pets are indoors for the evening and secure them behind a closed door in a bedroom or basement to prevent escape each time your front door opens.

Test Your Smoke Alarms

Open flames in jack-o-lanterns and neighbourhood fireworks can increase the risk of fire to your home. Test your smoke alarms to make sure they are working properly and change out the batteries if needed.

Secure Your Home

Once you have finished handing out candy for the night, or if you will be leaving your home unattended to take your own kids out, turn on your home alarm system and use motion sensor lighting to deter pranksters, thieves, or vandals from targeting your home.

Outdoor Lighting Should Be Grounded

Check the tags on your outdoor lights and Halloween lighting to ensure they are rated for outdoor use. All outdoor lighting should be grounded for safety and be sure to only use covered outlets fitted with GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters).

The team of lawn care and landscape experts at The Grounds Guys wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

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