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Landscape your life for self improvement month

Landscape Your Life for Self-Improvement Month

As only an estimated 8 percent of people typically keep their New Year’s resolutions, there are plenty of people who don’t! It’s Self-Improvement Month and that gives people another opportunity to focus on enhancing your life in some way.

Much like landscaping your lawn, the landscape of your life impacts your outlook on things. Follow The Grounds Guys’ suggestions below to use this time to get outdoors, beautify your surroundings and consider projects that will make your yard a place to:

Plant Flowers

There’s nothing like the colourful, happy face of a petunia or pansy to brighten up your day. There’s just something about seeing a plant survive against the odds that improves your outlook. An annual garden allows you to change out the flowers that grow there every year. We also recommend including perennial plants on your property because these flowers and shrubs grow back every on their own spring, which makes for a beautiful garden with less work for you.

Grow Vegetables

This is one way to use your property to become more self-sufficient. In a time when farming is overrun with corrupt companies, pesticides and genetically modified organisms, it’s refreshing to know exactly where you produce comes from. Even if you only dedicate a small patch of land or a few planter boxes for growing vegetables, this summer tradition is sure to help you feel better about the food you eat.

Add Outdoor Lighting

How do you spend your summer evenings? It’s easy to plop down in front of the TV, but when the weather is nice, why not enjoy some time outside? Outdoor lights – from wall sconces to tree lights to tiki torches – let you take advantage of cool summer evenings without sitting in the dark. Use this time to become better acquainted with friends and family, strengthening your relationships in the process.

Build a Fire Pit

Another option for outdoor lighting is to build a fire pit. This not only provides light, but also offers warmth, a way to roast marshmallows, and a natural gathering place for friends and family. Nothing is more relaxing or comforting than watching the flames dance and hearing the wood crackle. In fact, sitting around a fire pit can even be considered therapeutic.

Add a Water Feature

Speaking of therapeutic features in your yard, few things compare to the sight and sound of falling or flowing water. Whether you want a small rocky water feature in the corner of your yard or a meandering stream with a bridge crossing over it, a water feature in your yard can have tremendous impact. You may even decide to add fish to a backyard pond to bring more life to your garden and encourage you to have a brighter outlook on things.

Put in a Paved Path

Whether mostly for looks or functionality, a paved path makes a great addition to any yard. Put one in to link your garage to the side door, or to provide a path from your patio to the fire pit further out in the yard. The possibilities of paver materials and layouts are nearly endless, giving you the opportunity to customize this addition to your yard so it suits your tastes.

Utilize Landscaping Services from The Grounds Guys®

If you’re ready to landscape your life for Self Improvement Month, contact The Grounds Guys to take advantage of our comprehensive landscaping services. We can help beautify your yard so spending time there gives you a more positive outlook on life!

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