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Trim trees to get them ready for next year

Trim Trees to Get Them Ready for Next Year

Trees are definitely a vital part of our environment. They offer local wildlife a place to live, provide oxygen for us to live and keep your yard beautiful. The Grounds Guys® have some tips for trimming trees to prepare for springtime. 

Having trees in your yard that thrive does require some maintenance for it to truly thrive. Part of this upkeep involves:

  • Keeping your trees trimmed
  • Making sure your branches aren’t touching any power lines
  • Prepping your trees (and other plants for winter)
  • Making sure your trees get the nutrients they need

This month, we want to encourage you to use the following, tree-trimming steps:

  • Make sure to only trim branches that have V-shaped narrow angles
  • Try to prune only branches that are young or weak-looking
  • It is best to only trim the skinnier branches yourself.  If you trim the thicker branches, you could hurt yourself or your tree, as this may be a vital branch
  • Trim these smaller branches at their base, or where they break off from their main, larger branch.
  • Branches should never touch power lines. This could be hazardous to your tree, the power lines and yourself.  They could even cause power outages. 

If you have a tree branch that is touching a power line or you need help cutting a big branch, call The Grounds Guys.  They can help with all of your residential or commercial yard work. 

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