Four Ways to Make the Front Yard Fun

Tailgating and fall outdoor party season is here! Enjoy this time of year with friends and family and enjoy the mild fall weather. The front yard is a great place to enjoy the outdoors without having to go far at all, so we’re sharing some ideas for fun yard games to make your party a blast:

Front yard with text: "4 ways to make the front yard fun"

1. Outdoor Pictionary/Chalkboard:

For the crafty families out there, you can always make a DIY chalkboard on the side of your house or fence and play Pictionary® as a family. Making the chalkboard is easy, and your kids will love drawing on it instead of the ground later on.

  • First, measure the area you want to paint and mark it off, or simply buy wooden boards and hang them up. We recommend two 3'x5' boards glued together. Set the chalkboard up on a few feet off the ground if you have little ones.
  • Next, get a quart of chalkboard paint and paint the boards with two, generous coats.
  • After the paint dries, you have a great place to play outdoor Pictionary®.
  • PRO TIP: Create a border on the chalkboard to add style (and you can even screw in a hook to hold a bucket of chalk).

2. Glow-in-the-dark Bowling:

This fun activity is sure to get the whole family involved. It is best to play this game at night so you will be able to see the pins when they are all lit up… plus its cooler out too!

  • First, you will need 6 six water bottles, six glow sticks and a large tennis ball (available at a pet store).
  • “Break” the glow sticks to activate them and drop one in each bottle. Don’t forget to take the labels off the bottles of water.
  • To set up the bowling alley, you will need a flat even ground (a patio would work best). Arrange the “pins” in a triangle and use the large tennis ball as your bowling ball.

3. Bobbing for Donuts:

If you have a tree in your front yard, this activity will be very fun. The object of the game is simple: eat the most donuts. Everyone is a winner in this fun game!

  • First, buy a dozen donuts and tie some string onto them.
  • Then tie the other end of the string to a branch. Hang all the donuts at different heights and branches. (Be sure you can still reach the donuts!)

4. Cornhole:

This classic game is always a hit with families. Plus it’s simple to make and you can paint your board however you’d like. This game is best suited for older kids and adults; however, if you have younger children you can move the boards closer together.

  • Take two 24’’x48’’ boards and cut a six-inch hole in them -- nine inches from the top of the board, and angle it up 12.”
  • Place the boards 27 feet apart, or much closer if you have younger kids.

Want to find more free time this fall? Contact The Grounds Guys® to take lawn care off your To Do list!

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