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Wedding Flower Guide

Wedding Flowers That Make a Statement

Wedding season is upon us, which means flowers are in full bloom and weddings will have beautiful decorations. Weddings throughout time have been a symbol of love and a life ahead. However, many people do not know that flowers have deep meanings and can symbolize much more than just a beautiful decoration for the ceremony and reception following.

When choosing the perfect flowers it’s important to consider colour, shape, scent and season. But, one added thing to consider should be the meaning of the flowers. Before deciding on your perfect wedding flowers, consider these popular flower meanings.

Anemone: Expectation

Wedding Flowers Anemone

Baby’s Breath: Innocence

Wedding Flowers Baby's Breath

Calla Lily: Magnificent Beauty

Wedding Flowers Calla Lily

Chrysanthemum (mum): Wealth, Abundance, Truth

Wedding Flowers Chrysanthemum

Gardenia: Purity, Joy

Wedding Flowers Gardenia

Lilac: Love’s first emotions

Wedding Flowers Lilac

Lily: Majesty, Truth, Honor

Wedding Flowers Lily

Lily of the Valley: Happiness

Wedding Flowers Lily of the Valley

Rose: Love, Joy, Beauty

Wedding Flowers Rose

Stephanotis: Marital happiness

Wedding Flowers Stephanotis

Stock: Lasting beauty

Wedding Flowers Stock

For more information on flower meanings, click here.

After choosing the perfect flowers for your special day, it is best to pick a venue that reflects your taste and style. If you have found an outdoor venue, let The Grounds Guys help prepare the scenery with landscaping, lighting and enhancements that will make your big day even more special.

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