Our Story

Our journey began in the year 2000, when we (Marco and Natalie Ritacca) decided to open our own lawn care, landscaping and snow removal business.

However, no matter how hard we worked or how dedicated we were to making our vision succeed, we found that we could not compete with larger competitors, and our employees could not see our vision. We were at a crossroads with what to do about our future.

Then Marco decided to call the Van Stralen brothers, an extraordinary group who began franchising their landscaping company, which was then known as Sunshine Grounds Care. On that fateful day in 2008, Marco came home with a wonderful story about his meeting with the Van Stralen brothers, how their thoughts, ideas and vision were similar to ours, and what we were going to achieve by coming on board with them.

Once we joined the organization, we immediately noticed how easy their systems were to use. We adopted a wonderful culture that has enabled us to create a remarkable experience with our clients, properties, employees and everyone else we meet (wherever we go).

But our journey was not over. In 2010, the Van Stralen brothers reached a groundbreaking agreement with Neighbourly, formerly Dwyer Group, to rebrand Sunshine Grounds Care, which is now known as The Grounds Guys of Toronto.

Words cannot express how we feel about this amazing experience. To date, we have a growing business, unlimited support from home office, and a network of franchisees across the country who can discuss and share ideas with us. Without a doubt, this is the happiest we have ever been and we are so thankful for what we have been given.

Marco and Natalie Ritacca