Lawn Fertilization, Weed and Pest Control Services

Lawn Fertilization Starves Weeds

Fertilization strengthens root structure, as well as aids in durability and water retention. By making your grass healthy and thick, fertilizer helps prevent the growth of unwanted plants. Most weed seeds won’t penetrate the soil underneath a thick, healthy lawn; and those that do are unlikely to receive the sunlight and water needed to germinate. By feeding your lawn, you effectively starve weeds.  

We tailor our services based on the needs of your lawn by crafting a unique and effective lawn fertilization program. This includes soil analysis and custom designed fertility programs to maximize the health and appearance of your lawn. We use high-quality, control release fertilizers that is packed with important nutrients—the nutrients your lawn needs to flourish. 

Pest Control

Our lawn care programs also provide pest control that can help minimize the risk of disease and keep your lawn healthy. Our insect control treatments are fully integrated and comprehensive, customized to the unique parameters of your greenspace. You’ll receive not only control of existing problems but also management to prevent any future problems and disease. 

Lawn Care Program Options

Every homeowner is different, and every property is unique. With this in mind, we tailor our services to your individual preferences and requirements. 

Organic Lawn Care is for homeowners who prefer to avoid chemicals and do not mind waiting a little longer to achieve true, sustainable results. This program gives you the peace of mind that you have chosen the safest program we offer. for your children, pets and the environment.

Hybrid Lawn Care combines the best of organic and traditional treatments with minimal chemical use, yet more weed control than our organic program. This program is also safe for people, animals, and the environment. 

Traditional Lawn Care is typically the most affordable and popular option. Many homeowners prefer our traditional lawn care services because it produces faster results. You can have a lush, green lawn in a matter of weeks. Ask about our full-season program that will help keep your lawn looking it’s best all year long.

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