The Grounds Guys Residential Turf Line

 Grounds Guys Residential Turf Line

Why Choose Artificial Turf For Your Home?

  • Low maintenance
  • No more mud or puddles
  • Conserves water
  • Pet-friendly & pet-resistant
  • No pests

The Benefits of Artificial Turf for Your Home

Artificial Turf for Your Home

We love the look of a traditional lawn, but the time, effort, and expense of a lawn can make it challenging to maintain one. Our residential artificial turf services can change all that. We can help you save money and still enjoy your yard. Artificial turf is fantastic for backyards, play areas, and pet areas, since there are no more pests, mud, or puddles to deal with. This innovative landscaping option is sturdy and damage resistant so it can handle busy pets and kids.

Do you dream of a lush, green backyard, a luxurious pool yard, or even your own personal putting green? With artificial turf, you can enjoy these features and more! Our residential landscapers are here to help you have a yard you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Why wait to create your own personal paradise? Find your local Grounds Guys location to learn more.