Commercial Turf Enhancements

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A lush, green lawn can be a great investment in any business’ curb appeal. It can reflect on your company’s care, values, and high standards. However, a lawn that reflects well on your business requires professional maintenance—that’s where The Grounds Guys can help. Our lawn care experts ensure that your business’ turf looks pristine and vibrant all year long.

The secret to effective turf enhancement is constant monitoring and expert-level maintenance standards. The Grounds Guys provides a number of measures to ensure that your lawn not only looks healthy, but is actually healthy, from the roots to the petals.

Our turf enhancement program includes the following practices:

  • Aeration / Top Dressing
  • Dethatching

Soil becomes compacted over time, which disallows roots from receiving the air and water they need to grow. Stunted root growth leads to unhealthy plants. Aeration is a way of ensuring air and water can get to the roots, allowing your soil to stay healthy long-term.

Aeration is done by carefully removing small amounts of dirt from the soil, creating airflow and root access. Our aeration methods are tidy, so your lawn looks nicer and cleaner after every visit.

Another threat to your lawn is a layer of roots and unruly plant growth that sits on top of your turf called thatch. A thick layer of thatch keeps water and air from reaching your soil as well. Dethatching is a specialized method of removing thatch from your lawn, promoting growth and continuous vibrancy.

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