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Where You Need Mulch and Why

With warmer weather in the forecast, weekends can be spent working to make yard the best looking on the block. If you lack landscaping expertise and want to make your yard look its best as quickly and ...
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Tree of the Month: Pine

The Tree of the Month for January is the majestic pine tree. Evergreens, including pines, really stand out this time of year since deciduous trees will remain leafless for several more months. If you ...
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Tree of the Month: Spruce

The majestic spruce tree displays individual needles, grey-green foliage, and purple/brown cones. Different from the needle-clusters of the pine tree, these conifers sport a thick needle that will ...
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Fall Foliage Destinations

For many people, fall is a time of vibrant hues in nature. Places that are usually gorgeous are even more breathtaking. This fall, pack up your family and take a road trip or hop on a plane to some of ...
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Trim Trees to Get Them Ready for Next Year

Trees are definitely a vital part of our environment. They offer local wildlife a place to live, provide oxygen for us to live and keep your yard beautiful. The Grounds Guys® have some tips for ...
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Tree of the Month: Elm

The Tree of the Month for September is the stately elm. As green summer leaves give way to fall colours, keep an eye out for the elm trees’ beautiful golden leaves. If you’re interested in adding this ...
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Tree of the Month: Apple Tree

Our featured tree for July is the apple tree! Having an apple tree in your backyard is a great way to take advantage of lush summer foliage, ample shade, and fresh fruit for canning, baking and ...
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Tree of the Month: Crepe Myrtles

If you live in the South and want to add a beautiful, meaningful tree to your garden, crepe myrtles are a great choice. The flowers, which have a crinkled appearance resembling crepe paper, have a ...
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Tree of the Month: Crabapple

Attractive and fragrant, the crabapple tree is a wonderful addition to any landscaping design . Though the raw fruit is smaller and sourer than their apple cousins, certain varieties also offer a ...
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Tree of the Month: Maple Trees

Maples are among North America’s most beloved deciduous trees. Whether you appreciate them for their tasty syrup, breath-taking fall colours or shade on a hot summer day, maples are certainly a good ...
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Understanding Types of Trees

Caring for the trees in your yard -- or selecting trees for your landscape -- begins with understanding different tree types. Some trees offer shade in the summer and let sunlight in during the ...
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