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Boost Your Curb Appeal and Resale Value

The Grounds Guys of Franklin participated in a makeover featured on the Property Brothers: Buying & Selling along with fellow Neighborly company, Five Star Painting . In season seven’s fourth episode ...
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All About Succulents and Succulent Care

Succulents are low in maintenance, high in beauty and offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colours. They are like having a living piece of art that you can pick up in almost any garden ...
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Is a Brown Lawn a Dead Lawn?

Occasionally, you may see unexplained brown spots on your lawn – seemingly, for no reason at all! Your lawn may not look pretty, but luckily, it is most likely dormant or has fungus, which are both ...
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Top 10 Colorful Plant Choices

Think outside the box when adding color in your yard! Flowers can also add curb appeal to your home if you are looking at selling. Check out the following list of low-maintenance plants and flowers ...
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Time Well Spent – Outdoors

In the heat of the summer, there is nothing more refreshing than going for a cool swim in your pool. Overall, pools are great for relaxation, exercise and they even have lots of health benefits. The ...
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Pressure Washing Makes Important Visual Impact

This spring, don’t let the dirty walls or driveways stop you from making your business or home look its best. Weather and year-round wear starts to show in driveways, on siding and brick and along ...
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Build a Backyard Paradise

Victoria Day weekend will be here soon, and with it, is the unofficial kickoff to summer gatherings, grilling season and more time spent outdoors. Whether you live in a subdivision or out in the ...
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Avoid Dead Spots on Your Grass

Sunny days are often spent in backyard pools or playing games to keep cool. Summer fun can be undone when you notice brown spots in your lawn, and a few culprits may be the cause. Read on for helpful ...
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Where You Need Mulch and Why

With warmer weather in the forecast, weekends can be spent working to make yard the best looking on the block. If you lack landscaping expertise and want to make your yard look its best as quickly and ...
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Treat Your Lawn to Prevent Weeds This Spring

Lawn care can be time consuming and tough; however, it can also be very rewarding. Working in the yard just after winter might require a bit of extra work, but it will be worth it when you see your ...
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Make Your Yard Championship Quality

Are any of your friends or family avid football fans? If you would rather spend time in your garden than watching football, this is your chance! While everyone else is thinking about the big game, ...
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Tree of the Month: Pine

The Tree of the Month for January is the majestic pine tree. Evergreens, including pines, really stand out this time of year since deciduous trees will remain leafless for several more months. If you ...
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The Grounds Guys' Guide to Winter Plant Care

If you live in a cold climate, winter can be taxing on your garden. Fortunately, we have you – and your plants – covered with our guide to winter plant care. Follow our advice and your plants will ...
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New Year's Resolutions For Your Lawn

Most of us ring in the New Year with resolutions, plans for self-betterment, and home improvement projects. Your lawn and garden can follow suit. Take steps now to ensure your New Year’s resolution of ...
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Tree of the Month: Spruce

The majestic spruce tree displays individual needles, grey-green foliage, and purple/brown cones. Different from the needle-clusters of the pine tree, these conifers sport a thick needle that will ...
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Clear a Way for Santa!

December is touted as the most wonderful time of the year as it’s filled with holiday greetings and happy meetings when friends and family get together. Driveways and sidewalks buried in snow and ice ...
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Fall Foliage Destinations

For many people, fall is a time of vibrant hues in nature. Places that are usually gorgeous are even more breathtaking. This fall, pack up your family and take a road trip or hop on a plane to some of ...
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Trim Trees to Get Them Ready for Next Year

Trees are definitely a vital part of our environment. They offer local wildlife a place to live, provide oxygen for us to live and keep your yard beautiful. The Grounds Guys® have some tips for ...
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Tree of the Month: Elm

The Tree of the Month for September is the stately elm. As green summer leaves give way to fall colours, keep an eye out for the elm trees’ beautiful golden leaves. If you’re interested in adding this ...
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Landscape Your Life for Self-Improvement Month

As only an estimated 8 percent of people typically keep their New Year’s resolutions, there are plenty of people who don’t! It’s Self-Improvement Month and that gives people another opportunity to ...
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Summer is the Perfect Time for Indoor Plants

The heat of summer is too much for many plants to bear. They stop flowering, become scorched, or even completely wither and die under the relentless summer sun. If you love growing things and can’t ...
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Summer Staining: Wood and Concrete

When it comes to revitalizing the hard surfaces in your back yard, sometimes a fresh coat of stain is all you need. The nice weather this summer is the perfect time to stain concrete patios and wood ...
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Power Washing Your Outdoor Surfaces

If curb appeal is important to you, power washing could be the chemical-free answer to uncovering your home’s natural beauty . Power washing cleans up your home’s exterior and the hardscaping around ...
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Tree of the Month: Apple Tree

Our featured tree for July is the apple tree! Having an apple tree in your backyard is a great way to take advantage of lush summer foliage, ample shade, and fresh fruit for canning, baking and ...
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Improving Your Outdoor Space

This is the perfect time of year to improve your outdoor space with additions that may include an irrigation system, outdoor living area, deck and hardscaping features. By acting now, you take ...
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