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Use Property Maintenance to Enhance Your Rental Property Value

As a landlord, finding ways to increase your rental property’s value is key to maximizing your revenue. This is especially true when you are between tenants (since you can increase the rent for new tenants coming in). Still, when some landlords hear that they should update their rental property, they panic, seeing only dollar signs. But updates don’t need to be a cause for concern. While some property updates can be more expensive, there are also inexpensive ways to update your property. One way is by improving your lawn and landscaping. Let's take a closer look at some ways you can use good property maintenance to enhance your rental property’s value.

Improving Your Lawn

Improving and maintaining the lawn on your property can do wonders for its value and make it much more attractive to prospective tenants. You can make your yard more lush and green by seeding or sodding dead grass patches, removing any weeds, and keeping it mowed and neatly trimmed. This is all relatively simple, routine maintenance. However, you will need to invest some time and effort in order to make it happen. Remember, as potential tenants arrive to view your rental home, one of the first things they will notice is the condition of the property’s exteriors. So, getting your property looking its best from the outside should be high on your priority list.

Create of Improve Gardens

There are few downsides to having a beautiful garden on your property. A garden can create a real wow factor when it comes to the appeal and appearance of your rental home. Removing weeds, putting in new, colourful plants and flowers, adding mulch, and some edging can significantly boost the curb appeal of your rental home. This type of maintenance will showcase the amount of care you have put into the property, which won’t go unnoticed. When tenants see the attention you have given to the property’s exterior, they may be more confident you have taken good care of the interior as well, which is a significant selling point.

Add Hardscape

Hardscape (landscaping with rock and similar elements) is a beautiful feature that is often overlooked. Adding hard landscaping to your rental home will not only give your rental property more curb appeal but can also increase its value. Stepping stones, fire pits, retaining walls, or even a water feature - such as a fountain or a koi pond - are all options to consider. Some (such as a koi pond) require more maintenance, while others (stepping stones) do not. Many tenants appreciate these extra features, as they can add character, style, and something a little different to your property.

Outdoor Lighting

Landscaping that is lit up at night helps create a beautiful atmosphere and ambiance. Outdoor lighting is not only an attractive feature, many tenants view it as an added security benefit. Installing a few motion-activated lights as well as some landscape lighting can increase curb appeal. And other than replacing some light bulbs every so often and some annual cleaning, outdoor lighting requires minimal maintenance but offers significant returns. Note that LED lighting is something tenants look for, too, since these lights are brighter and more energy-efficient, which helps reduce electricity costs.

Professional Lawn and Bed Maintenance

Good property management and maintenance will not only improve the curb appeal of your property, it can also enhance your rental property’s value. But if maintaining your lawn, garden, hardscape, and lighting proves too much for you, we’re here to help. The Grounds Guys are experts when it comes to getting and keeping your property looking its absolute best. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online, and we’ll have your rental property looking pristine in no time with our specialized services and routine maintenance.