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Commercial Landscaping – How to Lure Potential Tenants

When a business owner is looking for a commercial property to rent, there are many factors that go into their decision – and the exterior appearance of the property is one of the major deciding factors.

Attractive landscaping elements are more likely to catch people’s attention and draw them in. If the exterior of your commercial property is appealing, it can help set you apart from the competition and convince potential tenants to sign a lease. This article will share some tips and advice on how you can enhance the landscaping of your commercial property to lure more tenants.

Flower Beds

If your commercial landscaping consists of a sea of green, you’re missing out on an opportunity to add eye-catching colour to your property. The first thing a prospective tenant will notice as they arrive at your property is how it looks from the outside. This ‘first impression’ can be a deciding factor when it comes to learning more about your property.

Colourful plants and flowers can transform your curb appeal and shows you care about the appearance of your property. It also lets potential tenants know you will do what is needed to maintain the property and make it stand out in an attractive way.

Flower beds require more than watering, but the value they add to your property is worth the extra effort. Maintaining an attractive flower bed will require:

  • Regular watering and weeding
  • Cultivating the soil
  • Raking leaves and debris
  • Clearing away garbage
  • Regular application of mulch – minimum every 2 years

This attention to detail is just another way of showing how invested you are in maintaining an attractive appearance for your property. When tenants see you have put time and effort into such detail, they will assume you have applied the same approach to the rest of the property.

Outdoor Lighting

Potential tenants will likely drive by your property at night to see what the area is like. Outdoor lighting enhances your landscape and shows it off no matter the time of day. A property that is well lit also provides a better sense of security, which is an important determining factor when it comes to choosing a location.

It also lets potential tenants know you care about the visibility of tenants’ businesses as well as the overall safety of the property.

Outdoor lighting is fairly low maintenance. After the initial installation of the light fixtures, you will need to manage tasks such as:

  • Replacing light bulbs as needed.
  • Managing electrical connections.
  • Setting up timers - now even easier with WIFI Controllers and smart phone apps.
  • Ensuring safety with the proximity of lighting to other landscape features.

A property that is well-lit, with well-maintained lighting appears more attractive and secure to prospective tenants. Adding these features can be a major selling point and could be the difference when it comes to deciding between two properties.


Hardscape is often overlooked in commercial landscape design, but it can have an impact too. Hardscaping includes adding manmade elements like stone paths, stepping stones, patios, staircases and walls to your landscape. These elements add curb appeal, and have practical benefits as well:

  • Lower maintenance – does require pressure washing, re-sanding, sealing, stain removal and re-setting of brick edges periodically to keep up a well-maintained appearance.
  • Long-lasting – since hardscaping involves durable elements like stone, it’s a permanent solution that will last long into the future.
  • Although easier to maintain – hardscaping does require some upkeep.

Aquatic Elements

If you really want to set your commercial property apart from the competition, an aquatic element will transform your landscaping. This can include features like ponds, waterfalls and fountains. Adding features like these will show tenants, you are really invested in the look and feel of your property. Such features also help provide a soothing, tranquil environment that many tenants will find appealing.

Aquatic elements are a worthwhile commitment, but they require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. You will need to ensure your aquatic element is cared for properly to prevent these issues from occurring:

  • Algae growth.
  • Weeds.
  • Muddy waters.
  • Bad odours.

Interior Landscaping

First impressions don’t end when people walk into your building. Walkways and lobby areas are another opportunity to impress tenants and customers.

Without interior landscaping, these areas often come across as stark and lifeless. By adding trees, flower and plants, you can make them welcoming spaces for everyone who enters your property. These features bring life to the interior of your building and can help differentiate your property from others in the area.

Interior landscaping tends to be less maintenance than your outdoor flower beds. But you need to make sure know what kind of plants can thrive with the air, light and temperature your indoor space provides.

Professional Landscaping Services

Making a good initial impression can speak volumes when it comes to luring tenants to your property. If people see you have put time and effort into creating and maintaining an attractive appearance, they are more like to come in and learn more. A well landscaped property will even attract the attention of people just driving by.

Landscaping that is colorful and well-maintained can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your commercial property and help you attract even more tenants. No matter what features you choose for your property, they need to be properly installed and maintained to stay looking their best. The Grounds Guys are nationally-recognized landscaping experts who are happy to help with all your commercial landscaping needs.