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Everything you need to know about composting

Back to the Roots: Everything You Needs To Know About Composting

Begin by Collecting:

Kitchen scraps

  • vegetable and fruit peelings
  • eggshells
  • coffee grounds
  • tea bags

Household waste

  • paper towels, napkins
  • paper bags
  • cardboard boxes
  • coffee filters

Yard waste

  • raked leaves
  • grass clippings
  • dead (not diseased) plants

Use the Secret Recipe:

Speed up decomposition process by using four times as many “browns”, (such as dead leaves) that are high in carbon and “greens” such as vegetable and fruit peelings. Ratio 4:1

5 Easy Steps to Build a Compost Pile:

  1. Sunny Location
  2. Add ingredients by layering browns and greens
  3. Keep it damp, but not soggy
  4. Keep compost aerated
  5. Use compost when matter is crumbly and original material is not recognizable

Use Your Compost Effectively:

  1. Planting
  2. Mulch
  3. Compost Tea
  4. Around Base of Trees
  5. Dressing Your Lawn

Everything You Need to Know About Composting