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Holiday Spectacular: Syncing Lights and Tunes

A timeless tradition during the Christmas season is traveling near and far to see beautiful light displays. Whether it’s your neighbour’s home or a light show at the zoo, seeing Christmas lights is always something to enjoy with friends and family.

Strings of lights are proudly displayed on trees, bordering windows, and twisted around awnings and front porches. Today’s Christmas light displays have been taken to a whole new level with hundreds or even thousands of little lights covering the entire house and yard! People are lighting up their homes to the extreme.

The latest trend in extreme Christmas decorating is covering every inch or your home in Christmas lights. As if this ultimate demonstration of Christmas spirit is not enough, homeowners are now syncing these Christmas lights up to music on the radio or with their personal Christmas light music controller. The lights will flash and move according to the music, creating a light show extravaganza.

Here are a few of our favourite light shows:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

This fast-paced light show is in perfect synchronization with an orchestra’s piece. For dramatic effect, the lights shut completely off multiple times to only spring back on when the music picks back up. When the piano is the only instrument playing, the small trees in the front yard act as a piano and are the only lights illuminated. This performance was an excellent take on the traditional Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Frozen Christmas Lights (Let It Go)

This home is synced to Elsa belting “Let It Go”, from Disney’s movie Frozen. The lights start off slow as Elsa begins the song and as she builds up, so do the lights. When her voice hits her highest notes, the entire house flashes together at once. Have young kids – this could be the display for you!

Star Wars Light Show

To the traditional Star Wars saga theme song, this home goes above and beyond your typical Christmas song and light show combination. This home has lights on top of the house that flash outward as all the other lights are cut off. The entire house and yard are all illuminated one single colour and flash in unison until switching to the next one. There is a large guitar and a large keyboard that act as if they are actually being played.

Create Your Own Extreme Light Show

These light shows are masterfully created and require time, money, tools and attention to detail. Even if you can’t create your own extreme light show, here are some tips and tricks for putting up lights this Christmas:

  • Plan your design first. Developing a game plan is a must and will help your home look festive and fun, rather than bland, boring and thrown together last minute.
  • Measure how many light strings you need before guessing and buying. A good measurement is about 100 lights for every 45-46 cm of bush or tree you want to cover.
  • Safety first! Check all your lights for frayed or damaged wires. This is a huge safety hazard and could cause more damage other than just a defective light show.
  • Have fun with it! Use multi coloured lights and attach them to shingles, shutters, trees, shrubs and railings.
  • Don’t limit Christmas lights to just the outdoors. Incorporate them in your home and line them along a mantle, around the banister, or even in large mason jars for décor!
  • Show our planet some love and turn off your Christmas lights every night before you go to bed. Can’t remember? Set a timer for them to automatically go off, even after you and your family have fallen asleep.

Christmas lights can be difficult and a pain to hang. The Grounds Guys offers holiday lighting services for residential and commercial properties to make sure your lights are safe to hang and look fantastic this holiday season.