6 Most Common Types of Grasses

Ryegrass - Grass Types

Ryegrass, a cool season grass, is often added to dormant warm season lawns in the winter to maintain a lush, green look until spring, a process called “winter overseeding.”


Understanding Grass Types for Planting

Ryegrass fits within the cool season grasses category, but does best in temperate climates with neither winter nor summer extremes.


Red Fescue Grass - Grass Types

Red Fescue grass is appropriate for both northern and temperate climates and is often planted in cool, shady mountain or roadside areas where low maintenance is desired. Red Fescue grass likes the cold and shys away from the heat. Click here to request a quote.


Kentucky Bluegrass - Grass Types

If you live in the northern region of North America, you should plant cool season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass, Red Fescue or Ryegrass. To request a quote, please click here.


Regional Turf Grasses

The type of grass that you plant on your property depends on the climate where you live as well as the look and feel you want from your landscape. To request a quote, please click here.

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